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  • CBD Distillate – 19:1 – Tetra Technologies

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  • CBD Oil – Island Therapeutics

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  • CBD Oil – Full Spectrum – Honest Botanicals

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  • CBD Oil – Revive Drops – FeelCBD

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  • CBD/THC Tincture (20 to 1) Mango – Honest Botanicals

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  • CBD Vape Pen – FeelCBD

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  • CBD Oil – No THC – Honest Botanicals

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  • Organic CBD Coconut Oil – Miss Envy

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  • 300mg CBD Oil Tincture – Miss Envy

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  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil – Island Therapeutics

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  • Phoenix Tears – CBD Oil – 100mg CBD

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  • Pure CBD Oil – 1000mg – Tetra Technologies

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  • CBD Vape Oil – 19:1 – Tetra Technologies

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  • CBD Bath Bomb | Sweet Hearts – Delush Bath & Body

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  • Paw Protection Organic Paw Wax – Apawthecary Pets

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  • CBD Whipped Soap Scrub – Delush Bath & Body

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  • Hemp Infused Gift Box – Apothecary Naturals

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  • CBD Tincture – Solvent Free – Delush

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  • CBD/THC Jelly Bomb (Grape) – Twisted Extracts

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  • CBD/THC Cara-Melts – Twisted Extracts

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  • CBD/THC ZZZ Bomb (Black Cherry) – Twisted Extracts

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  • Wrinkles Organic Face Cream – Apawthecary Pets

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See what our customers are saying about us!

Honest Botanicals 1000mg. CBD oil. The site is very easy to navigate and communication is great. Pure, quality product. Lightning fast, discreet shipping. Highly recommend!
Dana Bougie
Dana B.
10:26 24 Jun 19
The tinctures from the company are taste great and are also amazing in quality! Highly would recommend
Marvin Wong
Marvin W.
03:09 24 Jun 19
Stress free ordering. Ya gotta love Canada
Vickie Morgan
Vickie M.
02:32 24 Jun 19
Amazing Company.
Tanya McCurdy
Tanya M.
22:50 23 Jun 19
Great customer service, great high quality CBD products and the fastest shipping around! I enjoy the Island Therapeutics products!
Sean McCarthy
Sean M.
17:54 23 Jun 19
I received my item quickly, great system to update the buyer on status of the order, and I am happy with the products that I bought as well. Will be buying again from them!
Sarah White
Sarah W.
15:39 23 Jun 19
Great products!
Bobbi Clinto
Bobbi C.
08:30 23 Jun 19
Great fast service,works wonderful, thank you
Barbra Barwich
Barbra B.
17:18 22 Jun 19
Very helpful with all your questions. the ordering process was quick and hassle free. product arrived sooner than expected. a positive experience overall.
Miruna Beti
Miruna B.
15:37 22 Jun 19
Great service and hepful staff. The product arrived quickly and the whole experience was battle free.
FAWI Mexico
15:30 22 Jun 19
Sweet Sumac
Sweet S.
22:45 20 Jun 19
So far I have purchased 500mg full spectrum Island Therapeutics for myself and Honest Botanicals pet Cbd oil 500mg zero THC for my 15 year old border collie dog. I had used the cbd oil twice on 1st day. I had to stop for now as same day at doctor's office my blood pressure was dangerously high. My doctor said i needed to start bp medication right away as my risk for a stroke, heart attack or organ damage was high.i stopped cbd oil until my blood pressure becomes stable and doctor gives me the go ahead to try cbd oil. I have noticed an improvement in my dog's hind legs. Over the last year she has been having difficulty getting up after laying for a bit and difficulty coming up the steps to come in the house. After using the pet cbd oil twice a day for 10 days she was able to come up the stairs quickly without hesitation and with ease! I plan to continue the pet cbd oil and look forward to more improvements in my dog's health. Delivery was on time. CBD OIL Canada has a dosing chart which is very helpful and did not see this on any other Canadian website.
Perrie Chapotelle
Perrie C.
15:20 20 Jun 19
The quality of their products are great. The customer service, and knowledge that the employees that I dealt with are incredible. I am a very satisfied customer!
Robby V
Robby V
21:03 19 Jun 19
Ultra fast shipping. Discreetly packaged. CBD oil has only a slight aftertaste compared to what I used to use. As for the CONGOLESE bud... wow! Will purchase again.
Norman Lapierre
Norman L.
19:20 18 Jun 19
CBD Oil Canada was very easy to deal with. The information on their website is very thorough and they are very knowledgeable in CBD products. Payment is sent via etransfer, for which they send a simple step-by-step instruction email for you to follow. They are very generous when fixing errors on their part, as well - I had a payment issue which I would have gladly fixed but they even offered me a future credit good for 50% of my current order! Wow!!Will definitely order again, and have told all my friends as well.
Andrea Logan
Andrea L.
16:54 18 Jun 19
CBD Oil Canada was very easy to deal with. The information on their website is very thorough and they are very knowledgeable in CBD products. Payment is sent via etransfer, for which they send a simple step-by-step instruction email for you to follow. They are very generous when fixing errors on their part, as well - I had a payment issue which I would have gladly fixed but they even offered me a future credit good for 50% of my current order! Wow!!Will definitely order again, and have told all my friends as well.
Andrea Logan
Andrea L.
16:42 18 Jun 19
Easy ordering & shipping. Products arrived lightening fast and exactly as pictured on website, no surprises. Island Theraputics CBD lotion smells devine. No oily residue, subtle & gentle pain relief. Honest CBD oil is incredible. No funny aftertaste, crystal clear liquid. Highly recommend both products. Bigger bottles of each on next order.
Yvonne LeBlanc
Yvonne L.
15:21 18 Jun 19
Bought a range of products from these guys, they were all as advertised, competitively priced and were shipped promptly. E-transfer payment very convenient.
Martyn Waugh
Martyn W.
02:56 18 Jun 19
I've been meaning to try CBD for ages for pain and the products I've tried so far have been fantastic. Also the speedy delivery is amazing. Ordered before 1pm PST and everything arrived the next day!*wasn't ordered on a week end*
Allende Bennett
Allende B.
22:27 17 Jun 19
Ryan Arce
Ryan A.
22:06 17 Jun 19
Been using a mild Opioid for about 8 yrs. to deal with pain as a result of a Motorcycle accident. Wanted to get of the prescription stuff, so decided to try CBD Oil. Took several weeks, but, now I find the pain is controlled at least as well as with the Opioids, if not better.CBD Oil Canada has been a pleasure to deal with, and shipping is always very quick. Great Product, Great Service
Brad McDonald
Brad M.
21:34 17 Jun 19
Great service and fast delivery!
Michelle Waycott
Michelle W.
19:57 17 Jun 19
The product came quickly and was of good quality. Great customer service.
Diane Michell
Diane M.
19:32 17 Jun 19
Kelsey Parent
Kelsey P.
16:57 17 Jun 19
Good selection and easy shipping.
Su Mistrot
Su M.
02:10 17 Jun 19
Hilda Vega
Hilda V.
22:06 16 Jun 19
Katie Anderson
Katie A.
20:08 16 Jun 19
Great product! Arrived on the 2nd business day. Relieved much of my pains. Took me off a ton of prescription painkillers which I took daily. Thank you so much!
Magnolia de Leon
Magnolia de L.
06:52 16 Jun 19
these people are professionals who are in this field for more than profit. they helped this 66 year old to learn what CBD is about. thanks mike.. I have to add more. I am new on the computer cbd oil helps me with everything. thanks mike
mike stasinski
mike S.
16:11 15 Jun 19
Great service and quality product
Linda Smith
Linda S.
16:08 15 Jun 19
By far the best edibles I have had. Taste great and the effect was exactly what I was looking for. Looking forward to making more purchases with CBD Oil Canada.
Rummble Plays
Rummble P.
04:38 15 Jun 19
I was skeptical Heard alot of tales about the benefits of cbd oil. Thought it might be all in people's heads. Figured I should give it an honest try cuz I've spent money on dumber stuff. After a few days I felt no stiffness in the mornings and slept way better. Tried the revive and it definitely perked me up. And the focus made my head feel way clearer and I just felt good. Love the product. Quick shipping. Will order again I'm a believer now
Jerry Wasnik
Jerry W.
03:02 15 Jun 19
I was very impressed by the website of CDB Oil Canada. It is very efficient and well thought through.My order and payment were acknowledged immediately. The product arrived in 36 business hours, great products, thank you.
Helen Ivis
Helen I.
19:52 13 Jun 19
Fast shipping, great products and no hassle. I am very happy with everything.
Jennifer Sutton
Jennifer S.
19:24 13 Jun 19
The products were great & delivered to our door within the 3 business days! Excellent service & product!
Chief Comedy Jester
Chief Comedy J.
12:33 13 Jun 19
Easy to order...quick delivery. Didn’t know I was ordering the the hemp CBD oil instead of marijuana but still having great sleep and pain reduced by 50%👍
Michelle Ricard
Michelle R.
10:51 13 Jun 19
Kunal sood
Kunal S.
22:27 12 Jun 19
Fast shipping, great products, and easy to use website!
amy emlaw
amy E.
21:56 12 Jun 19
The only reason I am giving four stars is because I received a complimentary joint with my CBD oils. I'm only interested in taking oils for my anxiety and sleep. I'm sure some people would be stoked about this joint but others might not want such a gift if they choose not to smoke weed for personal reasons. I am very happy with prices and shipping was very fast. Thanks! Will order again.
Michelle Doherty
Michelle D.
17:06 12 Jun 19
Professional and speedy service. Great products!!
Linda Martin
Linda M.
13:48 12 Jun 19
Great service great product easy to order definitely will be using again
Riley Ciavarella
Riley C.
11:36 12 Jun 19
I've been taking the Honest Botanical CBD Oil for a few weeks and started noticing the effects pretty much instantly. It calmed my muscles, joints, and mind simultaneously while also providing me with a refreshed energetic feel. I've noticed my anxiety subsiding and find it easier to control my thoughts and mood if they start turning negative or depressed. My skin also appears healthier than ever before and I would definitely recommend it to someone looking for a natural remedy to a number of afflictions that many people have given up trying to deal with, without pills. I'm excited to see the effects of prolonged consumption on the issues that I have been dragging me down for much of my adult life!
Samuel Higgins
Samuel H.
22:18 11 Jun 19
My order came very promptly. This company was amazing with instruction and communication, I cannot speak highly enough of my experience with them!
Sarah Youell
Sarah Y.
17:44 11 Jun 19
Great variety of products and excellent customer service, there was a small mistake on my first order and they immediately provided me with a coupon code for the product to use on my next order.
Benjamin Ng
Benjamin N.
13:36 11 Jun 19
Very quick for delivery, good product.
Stéphane Gauthier
Stéphane G.
00:27 11 Jun 19
Robin Rose
Robin R.
00:12 11 Jun 19
Chantel Johnstone
Chantel J.
20:03 10 Jun 19
The website is very informative, alot of selection. Different brands and was easy to find what I needed. Payment processing was so fast and efficient. As well the shipping was super fast which made trying the product that much more exciting. I am super pleased by this company!
Kerry Baker
Kerry B.
17:39 10 Jun 19
Purchasing was smoothy smooth and the product X-cellent!
17:05 10 Jun 19
Karder Unterschultz
Karder U.
23:15 09 Jun 19
High quality products shipped conveniently to your door. They clearly value the customer when packing the order aswell which is nice to see.
armand johl
armand J.
17:03 09 Jun 19
Great products, quick delivery, fair prices, packaged well. All around good experience, will continue buying my products here 🙂
Maygen VanTorre
Maygen V.
23:22 08 Jun 19
Melissa Bellfoy
Melissa B.
21:50 08 Jun 19
This is a great product. 👍👍 I am a person with high anxiety and thc is my worst enemy, so when I was told to use this CBD I was let’s just say vary reluctant. But I did try a friends with my lower back pain and it worked in about 10 min. More so then two Advil so I was interested. I went home did my research and grabbed a kit, not the kit I wanted but still works. 👍. Thanks CBD OIL CANADA
Red Beard
Red B.
19:27 08 Jun 19
I purchase CBD Pet Oil for my two senior dogs as well as the pet treats. I administer the oil twice a day to the girls and it seems to help with their mobility issues. Orders are received very quickly, great customer service!
Diane Ames
Diane A.
15:18 08 Jun 19
The customer service is great. I ordered a pen and it had leaked during transport with Canada post. So when I voiced my concern they were quick to respond and send me a replacement pen at no other cost even offered to refund my money if I would have like. Jen is great at her job.
ty izzard
ty I.
01:16 08 Jun 19
I highly recommend their products! I’ve tried the Island Therapeutics full spectrum CBD oil and is absolutely amazing. No more sore muscles after my workouts, I am sleeping deep and wake up rested, my mind is peaceful and focused, my mood is far improved. Their service is great as well, prompt answer and fast shipping.
Ana-Maria Manoilă
Ana-Maria M.
16:42 07 Jun 19
I highly recommend their products! I’ve tried the Island Therapeutics full spectrum CBD oil and is absolutely amazing. No more sore muscles after my workouts, I am sleeping deep and wake up rested, my mind is peaceful and focused, my mood is far improved. Their service is great as well, prompt answer and fast shipping.
Ana-Maria Manoilă
Ana-Maria M.
15:54 07 Jun 19
I purchased some CBD oil for my dog’s pain. She’s been taking it for a week now and is actually running, something she hasn’t done in months! The product came quickly and well packaged. Thanks!
Elaine Martin
Elaine M.
01:38 07 Jun 19
Frances Elvins
Frances E.
18:49 05 Jun 19
Was super easy to order and the product is great! It arrived very promptly as well. I will be ordering more shortly.
Emma Dyer
Emma D.
05:18 05 Jun 19
Very good product at a great price. I ordered for the first time and within three days, I already had my product waiting for me in my mailbox. Fast forward a few weeks, I have already noticed a drastic increase in my joint pain and will be re-ordering when my supply empties. Highly recommended.
01:21 05 Jun 19
I have been wanting to try the CBD oil for some time now, for pain and some stress, who doesn't have a little stress in their lives? Mine would be work related. I have to say, I love this stuff! And will definitely be purchasing it again. It helped a great deal! 🙂 I also purchased some edibles, jelly bomb and have the best sleep ever!! Totally relaxing effect! Absolutely love these! So happy to have made the decision to buy these. 🙂
Linda Walsh
Linda W.
23:57 04 Jun 19
Very happy with this gentle and calming product, great for anxiety and restlessness.
Brenda Sedlak
Brenda S.
19:36 04 Jun 19
Kelly Lynne
Kelly L.
16:49 04 Jun 19
Oliver Lam
Oliver L.
23:15 03 Jun 19
I tried the Love CBD vape pen, hoping it would help with my mood swings and anxiety. I do enjoy it, it doesn't seem to give me any negative effects. I would purchase again and try other types. I also purchased the honest full spectrum cbd oil, I found I dont care for the taste and maybe would like to try a higher level of Cbd to see if I notice a difference.
Jamie Rooney
Jamie R.
18:52 02 Jun 19
Product was delivered as advertised.
Brenda Seely
Brenda S.
16:25 02 Jun 19
Nels L Mikkelsen
Nels L M.
19:32 01 Jun 19
The customer service at CBD Oil Canada is fabulous! My order was shipped out immediately and arrived across the country within a few days. The products are top quality and I will be ordering again.
Leanne Revell
Leanne R.
12:01 01 Jun 19
Very happy with both the product and service i received from CBD Oil Canada and will continue to purchase their products in the future.
Chris Roberts
Chris R.
00:54 31 May 19
I am a first time customer and was very pleased at the efficiency of the company and how fast I received my product. I am pleased with the CBD oil I purchased as it greatly helps me with anxiety. Very happy and will definitely order from CBD Oil Canada again!
Corrina Nagy
Corrina N.
00:15 31 May 19
A great site to order from. A large selection of products with great descriptions. I received my order in 3 days and was extremely happy with the quality of what I had purchased. I will definitely be ordering from them again.
Paul Montgomery
Paul M.
22:36 30 May 19
Parry Pannu
Parry P.
20:16 29 May 19
great product, fast shipping. I will keep ordering from here. Thank you
Mandy Newton
Mandy N.
17:30 29 May 19
Great product. Will order again
Mandy Newton
Mandy N.
17:05 29 May 19
Darren Ono
Darren O.
01:52 29 May 19
I ordered the Honest Botanicals CBD tincture with zero TCH, as well as the Twisted Extracts Peach Jelly Bombs. Amazing products and fast shipping! I would highly recommend both products to anybody suffering from pain, anxiety or insomnia.
Megan Magee
Megan M.
23:24 28 May 19
Great Service and Products.
Alison Carter
Alison C.
20:20 28 May 19
Good selection of products, easy payment system and fast shipping 🙂
Shanice KO
Shanice K.
03:28 28 May 19
Amazing customer service with extremely quick shipping. I was surprised with how quickly my order came via XpressPost (the next day). Will definitely be using this company for my CBD needs in the future.
Jill Sharp
Jill S.
21:51 27 May 19
Products came within a couple days. Amazing CBD oil. Works great. Will order from them again. Great experience 👌
Rachel Paulin
Rachel P.
13:27 27 May 19
Pricing seems comparable to other online stores, I chose this one because I try to support local businesses. Shipping was super fast, and the customer service was quick and superb when I emailed a question about the bonus item included in my order.
03:02 27 May 19
71 year old male.First time buying online products, mostly CBD. Found a large list of products and delivery through Canada Post is quite fast, two or three days.Company seems very responsive to questions and providing info on your order.Quite happy with this company.
Mike Parker
Mike P.
21:18 26 May 19
helping me with my sleep. fast and easy delivery too
Sabrina Dean
Sabrina D.
17:13 26 May 19
The product came fast . Works great . Helping me with my sleep. Also love the way the payment is set up with email transfer
Sabrina Dean
Sabrina D.
17:12 26 May 19
After a delayed delivery through a mix up I finally got my order of oils. I got 2 types the blueberry and mango. I got one which was a 1:1 CBD and THC and the other 20:1 in favour of CBD. So I've tried these in all different ways orally, rubbed on and in drinks and I haven't felt anything from these. In some cases I used 4 full pippets in one go and still nothing.No effects which makes me question the strength of these. At $60 each a bottle I would hope they were legit. Before purchasing I emailed asking which oils would be the best for edibles thinking the higher thc count was the best idea. No reply.I wouldn't use these again and quite frankly a waste of $120 would ask for a refund but have a feeling these guys don't care about quality.
Parma Virk
Parma V.
06:45 26 May 19
Good presentation of product, and quick delivery. Will certainly buy from you in the future.
Lisa Grand
Lisa G.
21:41 25 May 19
The company’s website is simple to use, their products are awesome!! The CBD helps to relax and helps me have a good night sleep. My delivery was here in two days. Awesome service!!!
Donna Crowe
Donna C.
21:03 25 May 19
Excellent product, fast shipping, & great customer communication during process.
Gus Chow
Gus C.
20:59 25 May 19
Donna Crowe
Donna C.
20:59 25 May 19
For those of you interested in THC-Free (no high) Hemp derived CBD Oil, this is where I order mine from. It delivers discretely in a white box 2-3 days after I place my online order. Pay via e-transfer. Excellent quality. I've now ordered 3 times and had zero complaints. I highly recommend it! It has helped me with both my sleep and with anxiety/racing thoughts 🙂
Shan Thiesen
Shan T.
20:53 25 May 19
Super easy purchase process and great product. I purchased CBD oil for my dog who has IBD and so far so good. It's helping.Shop here with confidence.
Ging R
Ging R
14:59 25 May 19
Excellent product quick delivery thank you !!
Jen Tomlin
Jen T.
20:07 22 May 19
Excellent product quick delivery thank you !!
Jen Tomlin
Jen T.
20:07 22 May 19
Helped with my anxiety/sleep problems
Steven Bahniuk
Steven B.
12:00 22 May 19
Good product, accidentally ordered the full spectrum CBD oil since the site wasnt super clear as to which oils contain which substances (As an athlete I get tested for banned substances such as THC). It did help with my chronic inflammation from my rigorous training regimen but I did notice that I'm starting to cough a bit after taking the drops. Sleep was much more refreshing when taken before bed.
Saul M
Saul M
19:31 21 May 19
Having never ordered online for CBD oil, I didn’t know what to expect. There was lots of info, service was so quick and efficient and shipping was immediate. Will continue to order from here.
Jennifer Jennifer
Jennifer J.
04:11 21 May 19
Having never ordered online for CBD oil, I didn’t know what to expect. There was lots of info, service was so quick and efficient and shipping was immediate. Also came with a bonus which was appreciated and enjoyed. Will continue to order from here.
Jennifer North
Jennifer N.
04:10 21 May 19
Top notch quality products combined with excellent service and competitive prices.
Harold Rose
Harold R.
18:09 19 May 19
Extremely happy with the arrival speed of.my order. Great product, looking forward to making my next order
Craig Lackenbauer
Craig L.
23:46 18 May 19
Quick shipping. Easy to deal with and the vape tastes great. I will be a return customer.
David Martin
David M.
02:23 18 May 19
This oil is amazing. It has really helped me with my anxiety and sleep issues! I definitely recommend their products!
Brittany Macintosh
Brittany M.
16:17 17 May 19
I am so impressed with CBD Oil Canada!!!! Ordering was extremely easy and delivery was super fast (I ordered on a Friday and received it on Monday) but what I was most impressed with was that they kept me informed throughout the whole process. I felt valued as a customer and I can assure you I will not use any other company for my CBD needs. Amazing service!
Julie Simpson
Julie S.
20:15 15 May 19
Great product great company great people. 🙂
Phil Kearney
Phil K.
18:14 13 May 19
Great service and product. Very quick delivery time. Love them
John Thomas
John T.
18:07 13 May 19
Amazing products to choose from and super easy website to navigate and order from 🙂 will def buy again!
Kathryn Marie Gilbert
Kathryn Marie G.
01:18 13 May 19
Great website to order from, super simple and easy, lots of wonderful products to choose from (made in Canada), shipping is free over 150$ and lots of information is available for every product as well.
Kat Savvy
Kat S.
01:13 13 May 19
I ordered pure CBD oil recently from their site for my grandparents who both deal with severe pain. My grandma's fibromyalgia causes her severe foot pain, enough that she can't walk. My grandpa has bad knees and is unable to walk pain free for long distances. After using the product, they were able to go out shopping and running errands all day pain free! The company provided great service, shipping came fast and they sent a sample product as a bonus!
Melissa Thoms
Melissa T.
15:28 09 May 19
I ordered pure CBD oil recently from their site for my grandparents who both deal with severe pain. My grandma's fibromyalgia causes her severe foot pain, enough that she can't walk. My grandpa has bad knees and is unable to walk pain free for long distances. After using the product, they were able to go out shopping and running errands all day pain free! The company provided great service, shipping came fast and they sent a sample product as a bonus!
Melissa Thoms
Melissa T.
15:27 09 May 19
The service is great, product is amazing and super fast shipping.
Dana Abdai
Dana A.
22:10 06 May 19
Fast and efficient online service. The quality of the products purchased was excellent. My order even included a surprise gift.
Harold Rose
Harold R.
17:12 06 May 19
I had read several reports of the benefits of using CBD. After intensive research, I found your product to be the top one to try as a first time user. I use it mainly for insomnia and I find the oil to be very calming, and huge relief overall. I should also mention the Great customer experience as well.
Phillip Lizotte
Phillip L.
15:36 05 May 19
I’m really pleased with both of my CBD oil orders. They responded promptly after I sent the e-transfers, and both packages arrived quickly. The CBD oil works really well, and both orders came with a free sample of one of their products. An unexpected and welcome surprise! I’ll definitely order from them again, A+
Greg Marian
Greg M.
07:11 05 May 19
Betty Roy
Betty R.
22:41 03 May 19
My order was in my mailbox less than 48 hours after I placed it. There was also a little gift with purchase. I really like the oil. I’ve always had trouble sleeping and this really helps me get a good night’s sleep without making me feel groggy at all. I’ll definitely be a returning customer!
Colleen Kent
Colleen K.
23:09 02 May 19
Very happy with both the product and service I have received from CBD Oil Canada and will continue to order from them!
Chris Roberts
Chris R.
22:14 02 May 19
Pure Full Spectrum Oil by CBD Therapeutics has been really helpful in reducing anxiety and general overall Fibromyalgia-like pain. Waiting for that to come back in stock!
Michelle Hebert
Michelle H.
15:29 02 May 19
I have ordered at least 4 times, Package comes discreetly, By far some of the best Full Spectrum CBD Oil I have had over some other brands out there.
Health Matters
Health M.
15:03 02 May 19
Great product! Definitely noticed a difference with the Cbd oil, I would recommend to anyone with anxiety!
Holly Quinlan
Holly Q.
21:46 30 Apr 19
Great to deal with and super fast delievery
Alexis Corbin
Alexis C.
03:05 30 Apr 19
Great to deal with. Fast delievery
03:04 30 Apr 19
I highly recommend the CBC oils. Amazing quality and good price.
Anna Drozdowska
Anna D.
18:39 27 Apr 19
I bought a few things and they have helped me so much. I love the descriptions, really helps when you wanna try something new. I will continue buying from these guys, their products have helped me so much as I’m going through chemo. I recommend their edibles sooo yummy!
Mel Moore
Mel M.
03:23 26 Apr 19
If you are looking for high quality CBD oil with verified lab tests, this one is for you! Not many companies post their results online. With Island Therapeutics Broad spectrum oil, their CBD oil content is high (91.56%). It also show that there is CBC (cannabichromene) which is another cannabanoid (at least 113 found so far!). So with having CBC and CBD, you will have better therapeutic results <3
Kat Es
Kat E.
16:40 25 Apr 19
Fast delivery , product has been good, and no hassels
Crypto Johnny
Crypto J.
19:01 24 Apr 19
Seamless transactions , fast delivery , excellent quality.2 orders , well packaged
henrik bohr
henrik B.
21:47 20 Apr 19
I have ordered from these folks several times. They are super fast and everything is easy. The cbd oil I have been ordering has completely changed my mother's life. She was crippled by arthritis pain and has found great relief using the hemp based cbd.
22:45 11 Apr 19
Order some CDB products and received via snail mail..in 2 days. Super responsive customer service.
Stephane Brutus
Stephane B.
15:30 11 Apr 19
14:01 11 Apr 19
These guys are fast and reliable! I’ve ordered 3 times from them now and each time I am very pleased with how fast they ship my order. Not to mention their products are great. They always throw in a freebie as well which is really nice. 5 stars all the fro CBD Oil Canada!
john haynes
john H.
03:38 06 Apr 19
Quick and easy, arrived within 2 days of order exactly how ordered!
Frank G
Frank G
03:07 03 Apr 19
every thing was perfect.
Judith Létourneau
Judith L.
21:10 23 Mar 19
looked online to buy some cbd oil and found cbd oil canada. it was later in the evening when i placed an order for oil and cbd gummies and i was surprised to get a reply the same night saying my order was in progress. i received my order in less than 2 days and i am very happy with both products. as advertised, the packaging was very nicely done as well as discreet. i would order from them again.
Charles Warne
Charles W.
20:06 22 Mar 19
This is a mail order company and they deliver fast...next day service. Also be assured you can buy with confidence...Solid customer service is my experience. Highly recommended!!!
Craig Loginonly
Craig L.
14:09 16 Mar 19
So communicative with every question I had. Great customer service & an amazing product. Couldn't recommend them enough. A+
Jason Sanders
Jason S.
18:41 14 Mar 19
My mom has stage 4 breast and bone cancer and I need CBD oil fast
Angie Robinson
Angie R.
00:06 27 Feb 19
These guys have quality product and great prices! I would recommend MK Ultra and Bubblegum Kush. I placed my order and got it shipping the next day. More than i can say for some other MOM's
John Johnston
John J.
19:23 01 Feb 19
Love these guys! Really great selection of buds and edibles, and fast shipping... so glad I found them. Keep it up!
jessica long
jessica L.
17:12 08 Jan 19
Placed my order! My order was shipped the same day. I got a tracking code. My order arrived in Winnipeg in 2days. Nice discreet packaging, no odour or aroma until i cracked open the package and then POW! The sweet smell filled the room. Great quality stuff and they even threw in a free gram of Pink Kush. I would recommend these guys to anyone.
James Blake
James B.
06:50 21 Dec 18

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Why not try something new? We offer a wide range of CBD Oil’s for Dogs, CBD Vape pens, CBD Tinctures and CBD Pills. We try to add new products as often as we can.

Learn about Cannabidiol (CBD)

CBD is a naturally occurring cannabinoid with numerous health benefits!

What is CBD Oil?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol and is one of 104 naturally occurring chemical compounds, known as cannabinoids, that can be found in the marijuana plant. It’s often extracted and mixed with an oil such hemp seed or coconut to create CBD oil. The CBD Oil is then consumed in a variety of different ways. It can be inhaled, ingested, absorbed sublingually under the tongue or even applied topically to the skin.

What are the benefits of using CBD Oil?

What isn’t CBD being used for right now, should be the question. CBD Oil is being used for numerous health conditions and ailments right now ranging from depression to epilepsy. It is known to have natural pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties.  CBD Oil is also thought to help with anxiety and other neurological disorders such as PTSD. CBD Oil been used topically to help fight acne and other demagogical conditions.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Canada?

Yes, CBD Oil is legal in Canada as of  October 17, 2018. The Cannabis Act currently permits the sale of Cannabidiol Oil to anyone who is of legal age and living in Canada. We only provide the sale of CBD Oil to Canadian Citizens. We require you to upload valid proof of age to setup an account with CBD Oil Canada. All of our CBD is lab tested and grown in Canada.

How do you take CBD oil?

CBD Oil can be consumed in a few different ways. The first being ingested by eating it. You can take it straight with a CBD tincture or mix it with food using Phoenix tears.  The other two popular ways to consume CBD are by taking CBD capsules and by inhaling CBD vape oil. The last not as common way to take CBD is to apply it topically by using a CBD cream or lotion.

 Check out our CBD Guide Book

CBD Oil for Dogs – A Natural Remedy for Your Pets Health

All pet owners love their pets - and just like us human’s, our beloved fur-babies can suffer from health problems from time to time. In the last few years more and more dog owners with guidance from their local veterinarians have been looking to more natural alternative forms of medicine and therapy. One of the [...]

CBD: A Natural Remedy for Anxiety

It’s pretty safe to say that most people suffer from some form of anxiety in their lives; the stresses of life can be very debilitating. I, like many people, occasionally feel anxious before or after major life events, or suddenly out of nowhere feel rather anxious, which could be from a myriad of issues. Luckily, [...]

CBD Oil for Pain Relief

Over the last few years, the popularity of CBD has expanded considerably. One of the reasons that society has taken so well to CBD is because it doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. Essentially, you can enjoy all the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without getting high. CBD has become an integral part of pain treatment regimens [...]

How to get started with Cannabis Edibles?

One of the latest trends has been the growing industry of Cannabis-infused Edibles. You may have seen products available such as cookies, gummy bears, chocolates, and even oils that you ingest. Cannabis Edibles are not a new concept; people have been making THC and CBD-infused concoctions for 1000s of years throughout many cultures of the [...]

CBD Oil vs THC Oil – What’s the difference?

CBD vs THC: The battle of the Cannabinoids The hot topic right now seems to be Cannabis and the 103 naturally occurring chemical compounds found within it. The two most popular being CBD and THC. You’ve probably heard about each of these now and want to know. THC is the active cannabinoid that gets you [...]

Full Spectrum CBD vs. Hemp-Based CBD Isolate

The Battle For the Ultimate CBD Experience CBD has grown in popularity as many people begin realizing the vast health benefits associated with cannabidiol (CBD). Now that cannabis is legal, the question that many have is which is better: full spectrum CBD that includes THC or hemp-based CBD isolates that doesn’t contain THC? Join us [...]

How long does cbd oil stay in your system?

Worried about testing positive on your drug test for CBD? Well we have some good news for you! First off it’s usually not a compound that is screened for when you are given a drug test. Your employer or whoever else is looking to screen you, usually are looking from another cannabinoid from the same [...]

How long does it take for cbd oil to work?

My personal journey with CBD oil and how my system responds to it. Everyone is asking me how long does it take for cbd oil to work? I am a 36 year old male and i’ve been using CBD oil regularly for over 3 years now.  I originally started taking it because a friend from the gym […]

What makes CBD Oil Canada the best place to shop for cannabis products online?

There are a number of reasons why we are an awesome online dispensary. The first being we are a one-stop shop where you can get all of your CBD and other cannabis products. I will go through each of the other reasons in detail in order to give you a clear understanding of the type of e-commerce store that we operate.

We like to think that we operate a pretty tight ship, where we can fulfill all of your cannabis needs in a fast and efficient manner. We hope that once you try us out once, you will keep coming back for more knowing that you are receiving the best product and price anywhere online. 

Who are our CBD Oil and Cannabis suppliers?

All of our CBD products are manufactured right here in BC. The companies we distribute for are well known in the cannabis community. The reason we work with them is they produce use purest CBD Oils grown and harvested in Canada. The CBD isolate being used in the products is all lab tested to ensure quality and purity.

We work with a handful of craft BC growers located in the Squamish and Kootenay regions of the province. With over 20 years of experience in the cannabis business in British Columbia, we have cemented some solid connections with some of provinces best growers.

The edible products we carry are all made in a food-safe environment and marked with expiry dates if the food can become perishable. We work with the leading producers of edible products in Canada to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality goods.

When shopping with CBD Oil Canada you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality products on the market. We hardly ever get complaints about our product and if we do, we work with the customer to make sure they are happy.

How do you package CBD oil and other marijuana products?

All of our CBD Oil products are sealed with plastic over the lid of the dropper bottle, with the exception of Anonymous Content CBD tinctures. We then place the oils or tinctures in another think plastic bag and then seal it shut using a vacuum sealer.  

Our cannabis flowers or any other other odour heavy cannabis products are bagged with thick ziplock pouches before being sealed inside a plastic bag similar to our process with the CBD Oils. We do this to prevent any sort of leak or odour that could come from an improperly packaged order.

After we have all the products bagged, we then place them into another cardboard box. This step is to add extra protection to the contents. The final step of the packaging procedure is to place the box inside a padded Canada Post express envelope.

We make sure to leave no mention of our store or anything else cannabis related to the outer contents of the package. As discretion is a key priority of us and we want to keep your order as confidential as possible. So when your shipment arrives, it will look no different than the average package you would get from any other online store.

What kind of perks and rewards to you give to your customers?

Start shopping at CBD Oil Canada and start getting discounts sent to you right away! We aim to send out an email blast every two weeks with new discounts and promotions.

We have new promo’s and contents coming soon as we have hired new staff to work on our social media presence, so be sure to follow us.

Right now we are trying to get more honest reviews from you guys. So we are offering a coupon for $20 Off if you leave us a Google review. Click this link to learn more, it’ll be the easiest $20 bucks you have ever made.

Trust me when I say that we are the best online dispensary in all of Canada. We carry the best CBD Oils and other cannabis goods from BC.

How is the customer service at CBD Oil Canada?

Our customers always praise us for our reliability, our response time and our fairness. We strive on keeping all of our customers happy and shopping at CBD Oil Canada. You can reach us by live chat, email, or fill out our contact form. We will always get back to you within an hour or so at most. 

Feel free to ask us questions about our products as well. Our staff test and use all the products we carry. We can give real and true information regarding them, so please don’t hesitate to ask.

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We offer a wide variety of premium marijuana strains for you to choose from. We also carry an assortment edibles, concentrates and topical’s from premium Canadian licensed cannabis producers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order?

Sign up for a free account and then place your order online. Alternatively, you can send us an email or talk to us on our live chat. Our customer service support is available from 8am – 8pm PST and we will be happy to help you fulfill your order. Please email us at [email protected]

What payment methods are available?

We currently only accept Interac E-trasfer. Check out this video on how to use etransfer: View Video

How will my order be shipped?

All orders are shipped in plain, smell proof packaging via Canada Post Xpresspost with a unique tracking number allowing you to track the progress of your parcel.

Who is eligible to purchase on your site?

To order you must show that you are at least 19 years of age and reside within Canada. We will only ship to Canadian addresses.

How long would it take to deliver to?

Hopefully two days? We ship same day (if ordered before 12pm Pacific Standard Time or 3pm Eastern Standard Time) using Canada Post XpressPost. They claim 1-2 day delivery anywhere in Canada. In reality, if you’re in a small town on the other side of the Country (we’re in Vancouver), it can take up to 3-4 days depending on how far from a major city you are. If you’re in a medium-sized city in BC or AB, it might show up next day.

How much is shipping?

Orders over $150 receive free Xpress Post shipping. Orders under $150, shipping is $15.

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