CBD Oil vs THC Oil – What’s the difference?

CBD vs THC: The battle of the Cannabinoids

The hot topic right now seems to be Cannabis and the 103 naturally occurring chemical compounds found within it. The two most popular being CBD and THC. You’ve probably heard about each of these now and want to know. THC is the active cannabinoid that gets you “high” and was Illegal in Canada up until October last year. Where CBD is the not as common compound which does not get you “high”, but of course has numerous other health benefits it offers.  

So what is THC then?

If you have ever smoked a joint or eaten an edible then you have tried THC. THC can be really strong and some people who try it for the first time vow to never use it again. This is usually because if the user in not use to the compound then it can cause high levels of anxiety and paranoia. That’s why it’s always important to start off with a low dosage and gradually work on building up your tolerance.

Once your body is accustomed to THC then the effects it causes can be very pleasant and euphoric. It has also been known to help with numerous medical ailments such as pain, arthritis, anxiety, sleep disorders among lots of others.  

There are numerous ways to consume THC. The most common one being inhaled through a joint, bong or pipe. Ingesting it by eating and edible or taking THC Oil can also be a popular method of consumption. Where apply THC topically would be the least popular of the consumption methods.

Can you tell me what CBD is now?

CBD is short for cannabidiol and is one of the 103 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. CBD is different in chemical structure but has some of the same characteristics as its cousin THC. When extracted from the hemp plant, CBD is one of the more abundant compounds making up about 40% of the molecules extracted.

If you haven’t heard about all the benefits peoples are experiencing from taking CBD then you must be living under a rock! It’s becoming so mainstream that even celebrities are talking about it. You also have celebrities endorsing THC as well, look at Wiz Khalifa the famous hiphop singer who now has a weed game named after him.

CBD is non psychoactive and does not product the same effects as THC. You don’t need to worry about getting all high and paranoid. With CBD you will notice the effects gradually over time. Depending on method of consumption, the effects can be felt at different onsets. Take inhaling CBD Vape Oil for instance. This can cause the effects to come on quickly, where as if you rub the CBD cream on you skin the effects will come on slowly.

People are using CBD to help with a number of different conditions and ailments. You will hear about lots of people using CBD to help treat chronic pains. If you are using CBD for pain relieve the people hear at CBD Oil Canada recommend a full spectrum CBD Oil. Full spectrum CBD contains the molecules from the whole cannabis plant including the buds and flowers.

So who is the winner? CBD or THC?

There is no winner between these to amazing chemical compounds. The reason being is as you have discovered, they both do different things and affect the the body differently. If you are new to the cannabinoids, then start slowly with both of them and let your body become accustomed to them before you start trying bigger doses. If you are looking for a natural way to help with conditions you may have then both of these are great to try. CBD Oil Canada strongly encourages the use of natural substances of synthetic lab made ones.

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2 replies on “CBD Oil vs THC Oil – What’s the difference?

  • sophia

    My daughter is currently taking pure cbd 10mg capsules once a day. However, her absent seizures do not improve. So I try to feed her one more capsule once a day. Is it OK to double the cbd dose from 10mg to 20mg at once?

    • Bren

      Hi Sophia

      Yes, I recommend upping the dose. There won’t be any negative side effects at these doses. If you are still having issues, please email me at [email protected] and we can figure out the proper dosage to help your daughter out.


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