How long does it take for cbd oil to work?

My personal journey with CBD oil and how my system responds to it.

Everyone is asking me how long does it take for cbd oil to work? I am a 36-year-old male and I’ve been using CBD oil regularly for over 3 years now.  I originally started taking it because a friend from the gym told me it could help me get better sleep. I originally got a full spectrum CBD Oil tincture from my local dispensary in Vancouver. It was 500mg of CBD in 30ml of MCT oil with no THC. I started by taking 2 full droppers which amounts to approximately 33mg of CBD. I did this for about a week and honestly didn’t notice much in terms of getting a better nights sleep.

I should also note that I am not a regular cannabis smoker, but do indulge on the occasional time. When I do partake in cannabis use its usually by taking some viridesco oil in tea. I was about to give up on CBD when I ran into the guy who originally told me to try it out. I let him know what product I had been taking for about a week now and how I wasn’t really feeling anything from the CBD. That’s when he told me that I should be getting a CBD Oil with a small amount of THC in it because this triggers the effects of CBD in the brain.

As someone who likes to try new things, I decided to try out a 20:1 THC to CBD ratio tincture from Anonymous Content based out of Vancouver. I did the same dosage of 2 droppers that night and honestly had the best sleep I’ve had in over 10 years, no joke! It made such a difference for me personally to have that little bit of THC in it. Since then I’ve been taking a CBD/THC combo before bed 3-4 nights a week for over 3 years and having a great sleep routine.

Not all CBD products are the same and some people may react much differently to them than you.

Woman holding CBD Oil Tincture in Vancouver

Woman holding CBD Oil Tincture in Vancouver

Take my wife for example, she is a 35-year mother of two who has never smoked pot in her life. Nor eaten edibles or consumed THC in any other form. For weeks she was having ton’s of trouble with insomnia and I kept trying to get her to take the CBD/THC tincture I was taking. She kept refusing because she was scared of the THC in it. Then one night she gave in and decided to try it out. I only gave her 1 full dropper which is only a few mg of THC and what a big mistake that was. Because her system was not used to THC is caused by her anxiety and kept her up most of the night. That was the last time she took advice from me regarding cannabis and cbd.

Fast forward 2 years and she come home and says to me. She wants to try a No THC CBD because she heard from one of her friends that its good for sleep and overall health. I jump at the chance to get her some and let her try it again. So I get her a 300mg full spectrum CBD Oil Tincture from CBD Oil Canada. This is when things start getting good. She takes it the first night and bam, she has a great sleep! And she continues to have great sleeps more often than not. CBD has become a staple in both of our life’s now and for good reason.

So how long does it take for CBD to work?

I don’t know if you’re like us, but we are both on the go all day and when you finally sit down at the end of the night, you’re wired. This is usually when I take my CBD at around 8:30pm when I get my kids to bed. This is because I like to feel the mild effects of the THC while relaxing before bed, which I notice after about 45mins. By 10pm I am ready to sleep and I can feel the effects of both the CBD and the THC.

My wife, however, takes a different approach with her CBD. She likes to make a herbal tea, usually an organic peppermint blend and add her CBD to it. This usually occurs at 9:15 and by 10:15 she is fast asleep. The nights she takes her CBD tea concoction she says her sleeps are much deeper and she wakes less in the night.

The conclusion here is that everyone is different and processes these molecules in different ways. I mean almost double my wife’s weight at 215lbs compared to her 125lbs, that alone should play a factor.

How does CBD interact with the body?

Woman smoking CBD vape pen

Woman smoking CBD vape pen

We have all heard about all of the benefits of CBD, but how does our body process these cannabinoids. This all really depends on how you take it. CBD can be consumed numerous ways from eating, inhaling, or applying it topically. The most common method used today is to be taken orally.

When you take a CBD Oil Tincture orally your body begins to process this through your digestive system.  Once in the digestive system, the stomach begins to pass the compounds through the hepatic portal system to the liver. The liver then metabolizes the CBD molecules before passing the less concentrated compounds to the bloodstream. The bloodstream is like the superhighway which allows the CBD molecules to reach the rest of the body including the endocannabinoid system.

Another fast way to get CBD to your bloodstream is to smoke or vape it. Once inhaled it’s absorbed through the alveoli in the lungs. After they travel through the alveoli, the CBD molecules are immediately transferred into the bloodstream which is a fast absorption than ingesting it. Using CBD Vape pens is a convenient and safe way to get the maximum effects in the shortest amount of time.

Why and when should you try CBD for the first time.

As I mentioned earlier everyone is different and has different reactions to different things. I would recommend to any of my friends who are having trouble sleeping or any other ailment that CBD effects to try it out. Try a method that you feel comfortable with and start with a low dosage. A favourite of newcomers to Cannabinol is the CBD gel capsules as they offer a slow-release opposed to some of the other methods.


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