Liiv CBD Oil – Best Alternatives to Liiv

Why wouldn’t you just want to get the CBD oil from Liiv?

You may be looking for Liiv CBD oil or CBD capsules. I can’t blame you, Liiv makes great products!

However, not everybody wants to buy from government stores. Whether it’s the generally high prices, lack of product availability, or you just want the convenience of ordering from somewhere different. So if you are one of these people that is looking for an alternative that matches the quality and consistency of the Liiv line of CBD and THC products, we have put this short guide together to help you find a perfect substitute.

Liiv CBD Oil – Best alternative: Island Therapeutics Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1000 mg

Island Therapeutics Best alternative to liiv cbd oil

What does CannTrust have to say about their oil?

Liiv CBD Oil is a potent CBD extract from Liiv– a recreational cannabis line by CannTrust. This proprietary strain contains 25 mg/ml of CBD and 0.2 mg/ml of THC. Due to its negligible amount of THC, this product is a good fit for new users or individuals who want cannabis’ benefits without a high.

So the amounts on the Island Therapeutics are a bit different, the 1000 mg bottle has approximately 33 mg/CBD per ml, and very minimal amounts of THC. The full spectrum CBD that they use has the THC extracted, so very minimal if any THC will be ingested; perfect for beginners!

Liiv CBD caps – Best Alternative: 20 mg CBD Caps from Baked Edibles

CBD caps to replace liiv cbd caps with

Pure CBD extract in MCT oil, with just a touch of lecithin added to increase the bio-absorption of the CBD. Zero THC in this too, so perfect for those that want the health benefits of CBD without any high whatsoever.

Liiv CBD:THC 1:1 Oil – Best Alternative: Honest Botanicals Blueberry 1:1 Oil

1:1 CBD:THC oil, the perfect liiv alternative

This one is a little bit milder than the Liiv 1:1 oil, as that has 12.5 mg of both CBD and THC in it, and this has 5 mg of CBD and 5 mg of THC. So this might be better for microdosing. Also, the blueberry flavour in this is really good too! 150 mg of both cannabinoids in each bottle, with the CBD helping to cut any anxiety that THC can sometimes bring. A real good choice for dipping your toes into consuming cannabis.


So there you have it. Just a couple of good recommendations to help you make a decision if you were looking for Liiv CBD products and for whatever reason weren’t able to find them.

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