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Using a clearstick V2 cartridge designed specifically for pure distillates like the ones used to make these cartridges, Sovrin has produced a top quality 1:1 vape cartridge that is free of fillers, PE, and PG.Β  This is a 1 to 1 blend of lab tested THC distillate paired with Full Spectrum CBD, perfect for on the go pain relief, relaxation, and help with anxiety.

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About Sovrin Extracts:

Sovrin originally started out, not as a company, but as a project to make clean, pure cannabis vapes for our own personal use only. We’re all daily smokers and we tried some of the vapes on the market and they were loaded with fillers, diluents, PG/VG etc, so we knew the only way we could actually know what we were putting in our bodies was to make them ourselves. Sovrin became a company after we gave one of the vapes to a friend who suffered a near fatal accident and we saw how it actually helped him recover and deal with the pain he was having. At that point, we realized if it could help him, it can probably help other people too.

Our clients have been getting clean, effective products from Sovrin for years, and we can always rely on Sovrin to produce the best product possible, using only Canadian grown plants.


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Tangie, Hardcore OG, Banana Kush, Train Wreck, Skywalker OG, Grand Daddy Purple, Gelato

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Great taste and effects

Love this one. It taste amazing and delivers soothing CBD vibes. Great for relaxing and working.

Nice relaxing high

Just what I need after a long strenuous day of work, smooth toke, relaxed high perfect


Works great for sleep! An hour or so afterwards and I'm ready to head to bed!

Great product but came without functioning

The customer service was excellent, and sent me a second one that worked and was excellent. A little concerning though when you get multiple products from same brand and none work.

When it did work it was one of the best cartridges you can get, in terms of build quality and hit.

Vape away your little life stressors

πŸ‘β˜ΊοΈ Smooth toking and nice chill feeling πŸ˜‹ tastes great too !