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250mg CBD / 100ml

Miss Envy has been making high-quality pet products for years, and this CBD oil for dogs is no exception! With Canadian grown CBD and the addition of healthful oils like cod liver, flax, and pumpkin seed, this Canna 9 oil is sure to help your pup with mobility issues, pain and will also bring out a shiny, healthful coat and skin.

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Canna-9 CBD Supplement from CBD Oil Canada

INGREDIENTS: Flex seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, sunflower oil, cod liver (source of Vitamins A & D), sesame oil, rosemary extracts, C02 extracted CBD hemp oil.

Miss Envy’s solvent-free CBD oil for dogs is a great addition to any pup’s medicine cabinet. Use for easing pain, helping with mobility and appetite issues, and with the addition of cod liver, flax, and pumpkin seed oils, you will likely notice a shinier, healthier coat.

100 ml bottle, with 1 ml dropper
250 mg CBD (2.5 mg CBD per dropper)

  • All ingredients certified organic and fair trade
  • No artificial colours, flavours, additives or preservatives
  • GMO free
  • No wheat or soy
  • Gluten free

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Overall Health

I have a 7 year old female boxer. She’s very large at 110lbs and has always struggled with her weight.
I decided to try cbd oil for her overall well-being. Being a bit older her hip mobility has decreased and she’s suffered from minor aches/pains. She has definitely become more playful and more relaxed. She usually doesn’t interact with our children and I’ve noticed her wanting to play/be around them more! Can’t wait to see more benefits come from longer use.

Knee problems

My 5 year old pitty was suffering from a knee injury and instead of having her on an anti inflammatory I figured I'd try this wholistic approach. Am I ever glad I did!! She is now back to being her normal playful self, instead of limping and laying around all day.

Does the job...

Although not as potent as other brands. It seems to help my aging Dachshund's arthritis and coat as well.

Huge improvements!

I bought this for my senior cocker spaniel who has had epilepsy for 5/6 years. His seizures used to be quite long and very scary - often reaching the 10 minute mark. They would happen once every 3 weeks or so. We have been using this product daily since April and he has only had 2 mild seizures since then.
The only note I would make is that the dosage is kind of confusing. I had to really dig to find answers on what the correct dosage was and the syringe provided does not have any markings for measurements which was annoying to deal with for the first few weeks until I was comfortable to start eyeballing it.