CBD & Glucosamine Arthritis Relief CBD Oil – Doggo


600mg CBD / 60 ml bottle

Specially formulated for dogs suffering from arthritic pain and mobility issues, Doggo has created a bacon flavoured CBD oil with glucosamine. Glucosamine is shown to help with inflammation as well as helping to maintain healthy joints. Along with the great anti-inflammatory powers of CBD, this oil is sure to be a welcome addition to the daily routine of any dog suffering from joint pain and mobility issues.


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Other ingredients: Purified water, vegetable gum, natural flavour, coconut oil, CBD Isolate, potassium sorbate, contains shellfish

Directions for use: There is a dosage guide on this bottle’s label that will help you to dose your pet by weight

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Carol Hewson

Doggo works wonders for Bailey who is 15 and suffers from arthritis in his knees and hips.
Using Doggo daily helps him maintain his balance as his hind leg becomes weak from arthritis. He can run up the stairs and is happy. Eats well and does not taste the Doggo oil with his meal. Doggo is better than pills 🐶

Carol Hewson
Happy dog

Bailey is 15 and suffers from arthritis in his hips and knees.
Doggo helps him maintain his balance so that his hind leg doesn’t give out on him. He is able to run up the stairs to the upper level of our home. He is happy and the Doggo oil helps control his pain. He eats well and is a happy boy.

Sue Pozdzik

Noticed a difference almost immediately. My 14 year old Yellow Lab xGolden Retriever suffers from arthritis and she is able to get up the stairs easier now and seems to be less stiff in her back legs.

Amarjeet Singh
Works really well for Hip and joints pain

I buy this cbd oil with glucosamine for my 7year old golden retriever. We can see a change in his physical activity within a couple of days starting it. It works like a miracle for hip pain.

Melissa H
Good stuff

My 13yo dog actually likes this stuff much better than the powder supplement I had him on before and it seems to be working well for his knees.