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600mg CBD / 60 ml bottle

Specially formulated for dogs suffering from arthritic pain and mobility issues, Doggo has created a bacon flavoured CBD oil with glucosamine. Glucosamine is shown to help with inflammation as well as helping to maintain healthy joints. Along with the great anti-inflammatory powers of CBD, this oil is sure to be a welcome addition to the daily routine of any dog suffering from joint pain and mobility issues.


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Other ingredients: Purified water, vegetable gum, natural flavour, coconut oil, CBD Isolate, potassium sorbate

Directions for use: There is a dosage guide on this bottle’s label that will help you to dose your pet by weight

Customer Reviews

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Joanne Vogelsang
Smiling Samoyed

I switched to using this for my 12 year old Samoyed that was recently given to me and she has gone from a slow waddle to enjoying a little running around now.

Works great, taste great. Safe enough for fido, good for me too!

Yes with all the ingredients in one dollop; frankly, why isn't there a combo for humans. Bacon flavor aside, this product works great. Both under the tongue and topically rubbed on...- the dog then licks it up better too!
As for me, I ingest 1 @ week for the past 2 weeks, hair growing better !!! [ kidding]
Pain in shoulder and knee reduced, plus i supplement with a tablet with 1st 3 ingredients. Guertz, MSM /chondriton.
Thanks. Will update when a friends' - Pug, gives product a try.

Harman Singh

I am having trouble figuring out the dosage. Is there suppose to be a decimal in front of the number?

Teri Hofer
Doggo CBD Oil

My dog seems to do very well with it. I give it to him every morning at breakfast and he rests more comfortably during the day. I will buy it again. He likes the taste which is important. It does not have that skunky smell that regular CBD oil has.


Been using this product for a few weeks now, and can see an improvement.