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300mg CBD / 50g Stick

With 300mg of CBD per stick, and pain fighting essential oils like menthol, the Magic Stick from Delush could be the answer to your pain issues! While this little roll on is excellent for easing sore muscles and joints, it can also be used for headaches, menstrual cramps, and even as a chest rub for soothing congestion. A great addition to any medicine cabinet!

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CBD Magic Stick from Delush available at CBD Oil Canada

Once there was Tiger Balm, and now – Liger Balm! From Delush, The Magic Stick carefully blends carrier and essential oils together, helping to open up your pores and make the powerful ingredients in this product more readily absorbed into the skin – and to the problem area. With the ultra-moisturizing effects of a variety of oils and butters, this CBD roll on not only targets problematic pain, but also moisturizes as it works! A win win in our books.

CBD creams and balms like the Magic Stick from Delush are showing a lot of promise in helping with joint inflammation, sore and achy muscles and helping with post-workout recovery. Apply after the bath or shower for absolute maximum absorption.

Directions: Apply 3 to 4 times daily directly to the sore area. Keep out of open wounds, irritated skin issues and eyes. For Topical use only

Ingredients: Butyrospermum Parkii Fruit, Cera Alba, Theobroma Cacao, Mangifera Indica Seed Butter, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Arnica Montana, Menthol, Essential Oils Blend, tocopherol, CBD Isolate.

Customer Reviews

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Leslie Flemming

This product is easy to use, has a lovely fragrance, and offers pain relief in the case of irritating but not severe muscle or joint pain.

Myles Byrnes
Single father end stage bone disease / varicose veins from toes to hips and rheumatoid arrbhrr im30

You know I’m a single father of a 4 year old boy who I love with all my heart , he is world ,he is everything I got .. that is allong with my 3 hip surgeries I have had to date and I now need bi lateral hip replacement surgery scheduled may 19 2019. Then covid pushed me out and I’m currently still awaiting .. I’m only 30 years old I had a fantastic job with Ottawa community housing a non profit that’s geared to low income families ... CBD Isolate has literally saved my life. Sure I can’t lift my own baby boy but cbd products are the only true way I can get through my day to day life which is very dull seeing as i can’t do anything lll Im on long term disability and when I don’t. Have cbd I am in Agonizing pain abs I can hardly get out of bed to go to the washroom to t get water . I find to help my illness I require such high doses . Such a beautiful product and I can’t even hardly use it because it cost way to Much I’m not here to say horrible things about the product I’m saying these products are life changing and with more research the more we can tweak it and it is limitless to what it can cure or slow down and put into remission what makes me sad is these are all life changing MEDICATIONS , why is it fair when we can cure so many people abs relieve so much pain but people like me who lost everything because I’m in so much pain my girlfriend has to physically lift me out of bed and really slowly. I have end stage osteoarthritis abs rheumatoid arthritis who severely suffers when there is a medication that truly helps me . Excuse my rant these are great products if you have the money make sure you buy them because they work people but I unfortunately 12 thousand line of credit so I could feel slightly normal again but I can’t do it anymore because my son done diet he always forms first and he’s a growing boy abs he’s my priority my world but to anyone who still thinks this is a drug well why do you take Advil or Tylenol the. Or oxys . I’m a 30 year old single father and I know I’ll die from my diseases one day it just saddens me I can’t get this world changing medicine . I’m sorry to rant bye the product so do your research abs figure out which for of cbd is right for you. My apologies for my poor grammer and spelling mistakes it’s 237am and I can’t sleep the pain is so bad

Bruce Walker

It worked quite well for the arthritis in my wrist. I like the smell and the non messy, convenient applicator.

great pain relief

This has been a lifesaver in our house!! Great immediate paint relief for cramps and digestion issue. Gave some to my father in law for his joint pain and have re ordered for him as well. Thank you!!
Super product.

Ronald Hayden
Max Relief

I have severe arthritic pain in my knees and hips. A friend gave me an application . Within an hour the pain had reduced enough so I could walk without pain. I purchased this immediately and used it on my affected joints. It worked amazingly well. Most effective after a hot shower. I also was instructed by my friend to apply it in two applications 15 min apart. It does not fix anything, but reliefs the pain so I can carry on with my day. Highly recommend to anyone with arthritic pains.