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30 ml bottle – 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg strengths available

For those looking for a zero THC option, these handcrafted CBD Isolate tinctures are a great choice. Using only the highest quality ingredients available, Island Therapeutics has provided a high quality, locally grown, and produced CBD oil product.  Once you find the dose that works for you, this oil has the ability to aid you in your medical journey to wellness. See the full description below.


250mg CBD


500mg CBD


1000mg CBD



CBD Oil Tincture with zero THC from Island Therapeutics

Island Therapeutics uses CBD which is Lab Tested and comes only from Canadian Grown Hemp.

  • Available in 3 different strengths: 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg
  • 30 ml bottle
  • Ingredients: CBD Isolate, MCT Oil.

Using only hemp that is grown in the Cowichan Valley, Island Therapeutics brings you their zero-THC CBD oil tincture. The passion that Island Therapeutics has for creating high quality, locally crafted CBD products is obvious, and those who are looking for a more natural approach to health care will notice this quality. We are a proud supplier of Island Therapeutics, and truly believe they will be providing top-shelf CBD oils for years to come.

CBD oils like these have been shown to help with a variety of things, including inflammation, muscle, and joint pain, anxiousness, and sleep issues. Be sure to experiment with your dose, as success with CBD is really all about finding that dose that works for you personally.


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250mg CBD, 500mg CBD, 1000mg CBD

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Very relaxing

Great help for sleep

After about a week of use, the quality of my sleep is significantly improved. I wake up less frequently during the night and feel like I'm rested in the morning. I recommend.

Helps with anxiety and sleep, but not pain

As the title says, this CBD product helped with my anxiety and getting a deep sleep, but it didn't do much for my inflammation pain. Also, it has a strong oily taste and after-taste which I don't like, I have to eat something to get rid of it.


Will gladly comment after I have used the product....that will take place when I have used present stock.....please feel free to contact me sometime around the end of April if you are still wanting my input......

Really works for sleep issues

Awesome product! Deep sleep yet do not feel heavy or still drowsy in the morning which is great! My husband takes 16mg just before sleeping and it's perfect for him. Strongly recommend!