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30mg CBD, 10mg Melatonin, 200mg Curcumin, 200mg L – Theanine, 200mg Arrowroot Powder per cap / 30 caps per bottle

New from DR CBD is their Super Sleep Aid Caps. These caps can help to promote relaxation and increase total sleep time as well as the quality of your sleep. If you have an unusual sleep pattern, or do shift work, these may just be the caps for you! With the ability to help to reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep, without any grogginess the next morning, these caps could also be excellent for those who travel on the regular, and suffer from jetlag.

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Ingredients: CBD Isolate, Melatonin, L – theanine, Curcumin, Arrowroot powder

Do not drive or operate machinery after use. Take two caps with food