CBD/THC Indica Cara-Melts – Twisted Extracts


5 mg each CBD and THC / 8 Candies

Indulge with these truly delicious, chewy caramels, infused with 5 mg each of CBD and THC per candy. Made with an Indica dominant cannabis extract, each bag of Indica Cara-melts contains eight individually wrapped candies. Look no further for a delicious, convenient way to achieve relief from pain, sleep issues, loss of appetite, and more!

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Order CBD/THC Indica Cara-Melts from CBD Oil Canada.

Dosage: 5 mg THC and 5mg of CBD per candy. 8 caramelts per bag

Directions:  First-time users take a single candy. Allow 60-90 minutes for full effect before considering an additional dose. Take with food for best results.

Storage: For best results store in a cool, dry place.

Sugars (corn syrup, sugar from cane, fructose), Milk, Hydrogenated coconut oil, Butter, Mono- and diglycerides, Salt, Soy lecithin, Vanillin – artificial flavour, Cannabis extract, CBD.

Cannabis Extract: Indica dominant Cannabis extract, CBD.

Customer Reviews

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Maggie Martin
Sweet Relief for Anxiety

One Indica Cara-Melt at mid-morning smooths the frazzles for the day. An easy, delicious solution.

David Sherwood
Cara-melts knee care!

After taking these cars-melts an hour before bed I fall asleep easily with no knee pain and wake up more relaxed and little or no knee pain. These have helped immensely with sleep and pain.

Cured my sleep issues

The full spectrum CBD oil has completely cured my sleep issues including insomnia, restlessness, night terrors, and night wakings. I take a moderate dose each night before bed and have a real, restful sleep. I am grateful and will forever be a customer !

Works for insomnia

These are my favourite product so far for insomnia. I’ve used full spectrum cbd oil, cbd capsules, gummies and I think these work the best, and I really have come to enjoy the taste. Initially felt “weedy” taste, but now I think it goes well with caramel flavour. Started taking half, but inconsistent result, now take a whole one and it works well

Marthe Tremblay

I used to get the cbd oil and small amount of THC……. for my knee pain and my arthritis…It help quit a bit…….but still have some left and with the pandemic my anxiety went up .So a friend gave me one of those cara-melt to try …….But depending on the force of the caramels…….for me I had to cut it down to three parts…….for the day….oh my I really saw a difference.So I will stick to my cara-melts very happy…..