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One candy per package

This watermelon flavoured Jelly Bomb from Twisted Extracts contains 40mg of CBD and 40mg of THC per package. Easily broken up into single doses for first-time users, this is an excellent daytime use edible. Made from Halley’s Comet, a dominant Sativa hybrid naturally high in CBD.

Flavour: Watermelon

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Order CBD/THC Jelly Bombs from CBD Oil Canada.

Twisted Extract’s first ever strain-specific, full spectrum 1:1 THC/CBD gummy. This edible packs a powerful punch, so take it easy and start with a lower dose than what you’re used to. Halley’s Comet is a Sativa dominant cannabis strain and combined with full spectrum CBD, it’s the ideal product to take during the daytime.

We recommend taking half of your typical dose, or 1/8 of the gummy if you’re new to edibles.

Dosage: 8 doses of 5 mg THC + 5 mg CBD per jelly bomb

Directions: This product is easily divided into 8 doses. Perfect for first-time users or for micro-dosing. It’s best to take with food.

Storage: For best results store in a cool, dry place.

Ingredients: Sugars (corn syrup, sugar from beets), Water, Gelatin, Citric acid, Artificial flavours, Pectin, Coconut oil, Canola oil, Cannabis extract, Carnauba wax, FD&C Red #40.

Cannabis Strain: Halley’s Comet derived Cannabis Extract (naturally high in CBD)

Customer Reviews

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A great tasting gummy with no weed after-taste. The CDB in it keeps you calm and helps with any pain you might be experiencing. The THC helps to create a great night - full spectrum is a plus. Two to four squares is perfect.


Very good to feel less pain.

Not my favourite gummie

These gummy’s are ok, but not a fan of the way the product is difficult to dose. It’s an incredibly sticky log of gummy’s and hard to separate and work with. As far as a basic CBD/thc gummy, I won’t be buying this product again as far a a gummy goes it’s probably my least favourite. There’s much better gummy’s on the market.


End of day issues can affect ease of dropping off to sleep. This product relaxes my muscles and reduces annoying nerve pulses so I get sleepy. I get a good night's sleep with no lasting effects. I enjoy the taste and texture. I just let the gummy dissolve in my mouth and only need one square for help. Easy to cut into required doseage.


There was a slight aftertaste but overall loved the gummy, these will be my new favourite!