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300mg CBD & 15 mg THC / 30 ml bottle

Each dropper ( 1 ml) contains 10 mg CBD and .5 mg THC

From the Honest Botanicals line, this cannabis-infused oil-based based tincture is slightly flavoured with natural mango flavouring. Once the correct dose is found using the measured eye dropper, this oil can help provide effective relief from sleep issues, anxiety and depression, and all types of general inflammatory and neuropathic pain.

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1 Bottle

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3 Bottles



20:1 CBD:THC TINCTURE from CBD Oil Canada

From Honest Botanicals is their 20:1 CBD:THC cannabis-infused oil-based tincture with natural mango flavours.

This 30ml bottle comes with a measured eye dropper for accurate any easy dosing. Absorption into the bloodstream is best when the oil is placed under the tongue and help there for a few moments before swallowing. This ensures the CBD is directly absorbed into your bloodstream, making for quick results.

Start with a half full dropper and work up slowly over the course of a couple of weeks until the desired results are achieved. Always wait a few days between increasing doses to note and changes or effects the oil is having.

  • 20 to 1 – 300mg CBD to 15mg THC (10 mg CBD and .5 mg THC per dropperfull)
  • 30 ml bottle
  • Ingredients: MCT Oil, Full Spectrum CBD, Cannabis Distillate, natural flavour.

Click here for CBD dosage guidelines.

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Customer Reviews

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Not for me

I purchased this for insomnia and anxiety. Sadly it didn’t improve my sleep at all. That might be because I had never consumed any cbd/thc product ever before so my body didn’t react well to it? That’s too bad. But even actual sleep medication don’t work on me so it was a long shot.
The flavor is okay though, a very slight aftertaste but the mango makes it better.

Great Product

I have been using this at night for a number of months now. It has replaced medication from my doctor and is just as effective in helping me sleep. I would highly recommend it.

Excellent Service

Love the products

love the flavor

excellent product, great flavor. I like that there is an alternate flavor instead of just plain. I really love that there is no after taste after a swig of water.

highly reccomend.


I have had trouble sleeping in the past. This product enabled me to fall asleep faster and stay asleep. I was sceptical that it would work but it does.
The tangerine flavour is better than the mango.