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750mg CBD / 30 ml Bottle

Boost has created a line of CBD oils that target specific needs – calm, sleep, focus, recover and energize. Made with top-quality CBD Isolate and a blend of essential oils unique to each formulation, there’s something for everyone!

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Made with love in Canada, these CBD tinctures from Boost are THC free and available in 5 different formulations:

Sleep, Calm, Focus, Recover, and Energize. Produced using high-grade CBD Isolate and a different blend of essential oils for each formulation, there is really something for everyone with these CBD oil tinctures!

Directions for use: Start with one half full dropper daily, increasing by small amounts over the course of a week or two to find the dose that works for you.

Ingredients: Organic MCT Oil, CBD Isolate

Sleep: Spearmint and Orange essential oils

Calm: Lemon and Lavender essential oils

Focus: Grapefruit essential oils

Energize: Lime and Passionfruit essential oils

Recover: Bergamot essential oils

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Calm, Sleep, Energize, Focus, Recover

Customer Reviews

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Tim Collins
Boost - Sleep tincture

Shipping was fast and discreet, The taste is not bad at all very mellow and not overwhelming.

Not sure if it helped with sleep duration but falling asleep is helped and mellow but not a heavy drop off.

I would recommend this product


I bought the sleep cbd for my husband and he really likes it and says that it works better than the regular cbd for helping him with his anxiety at night. He takes it before bed and has a restful night and isn't groggy the next day.

Rhea M

Admittedly, I was somewhat skeptical about the efficiency of a CBD oil tincture specially formulated to enhance focus and energy but this product had delivered as promised. There is no high associated of course but I can absolutely feel a boost in energy and an increased ability to focus. One dose in the morning enhances my entire day. I'll be a customer for life!

Love it!

On my second bottle of the sleep one. Works well for getting a good nights rest - not necessarily making you sleepy. Which is as expected with any CBD. Best part... tastes DELICIOUS. Reminds me of bubble gum - no bad after taste. Will definitely be buying more and maybe try the other ones too.

Shauna P

I found it very effective when I take in the morning. Gives me a boost a lift in the morning at work. Bonus does not taste really bad. Easy to order fast delivery