CBD Vape Cartridges – Buddha Concentrates


1ml per cartridge / 920 mg total cannabinoids 

Buddha CBD Refill Cartridges contain 90% CBD Distillate and 10% Therapeutic Terpenes to make the experience as smooth and refreshing as possible.

*This product contains small amounts of THC. Please see the lab results below for full details.

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The Charlotte’s Web Refill Cartridge contains a Fresh Charlotte’s Web Terpene as well as Myrcene.

The Banana Breeze Refill Cartridge contains a Banana Kush Terpene as well as Myrcene.

Offering the following health benefits:

· Anti-inflammatory
· Pain Relief
· Antibiotic
· Sedative

CBD Lab Results for Vape Carts

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Charlotte's Web, Banana Breeze, Harlequin, Halley's Comet, Pineapple Express, Harlequin

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Angela Bowers
Exactly what I needed

I have been hunting around and trying to find the perfect CBD vape and this was it. I am so happy. The delivery was excellent.

My New Favourite Thing

Bufdha's (lmao love that typo) Pineapple Express is exactly what I want in a cart! The super high CBD. The gorgeous, potent aroma and flavour like a tropical version of pine sap. And the small, but wonderful THC driven high that quiets my anxiety and depression while warmly improving my mood, focus, and energy! It's an invaluable tool for surgically modifying your day from start to finish instead of being the usual hammer that always smashes you instead of just your problems 🤯

Genevieve Magnan
Très satisfaite

Livraison rapide, le produit est conforme et la qualité aussi. Le produit répond aux attentes, je suis très satisfaite. J’ai déjà acheté une autre cartouche pour mon conjoint.

Best CBD product

It hit faster than others. No more pain for me.

Perfect for daily use!

Really nice for daytime use and helped with my anxiety a lot. Would recommend 9/10!