CBD Vape Cartridge – Full Spectrum – Buddha Concentrates


Buddha brand Harlepquin Full Spectrum CBD Vape Cartridge contain 90% Full Spectrum CBD and 10% Therapeutic Terpenes to make the experience as smooth and refreshing as possible.

This product contains THC

1ml per cartridge

**Attention this is only a cartridge. You need to buy a battery separately in order to use this product if you don’t have one already. 

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The Harlequin Vape Cartridge contains a Harlequin Terpene as well as Myrcene offering the following health benefits:

· Anti-inflammatory

· Pain Relief

· Antibiotic

· Sedative

Customer Reviews

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Love this product

This product works great for me. Because it's full spectrum I definitely feel the effects of the THC, which I like over the straight Isolate vapes.

Mara Jones
Basically Buckley's

Tastes awful but works, relatively speaking.
The concentrate is dark dark in color and tastes like it spent an eternity waiting to see the light of day. Like mildew and dankness. I tend to not use it often because of the taste, but it takes the edge off of pain and helps with nausea. Don't know if I would buy it again.