CBD Vape Juice – Savage CBD Unflavoured Vape Shot


1000mg CBD / 30 ml Bottle

For those of you with a refillable vape rig, this unflavored CBD vape juice from Savage CBD could be for you!  Either use on its own or add to your favourite flavoured regular vape juice for a CBD kick. Great for helping with relaxation, sleep issues, and pain

1 ml = 33 mg of CBD

**Attention this is not for the small 510 thread batteries that most cartridges fit on. This is for full size customizable vape pens, the type that blows huge clouds of smoke. 

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Vape Shot CBD Vape E-Juice from Savage CBD

Savage CBD brings you the pure and solvent-free CBD vape additive made from organic CBD oil. The users can experience the amazing benefits of cannabidiol with the fun of vaping. It can be easily mixed with other vape liquids like juice and oil. Vape is an effective way of experiencing the benefits of CBD quickly, especially for beginners. It lets you enjoy the natural hemp flavor in the form of rich, smooth vapor to relieve several pains, tension, and stress.

Also great for those looking to quit smoking as a safe replacement.

Ingredients: Propylene glycol, Vegetable glycerine, Cannabidiol (CBD) Isolate, Natural and Artificial flavour concentrate.

Brand Description:

Savage CBD is one of the largest brands in Vape, Eliquid, and Ejuice industry, and a forerunner in the CBD industry. With their parent company Savage Enterprises – a leader in the E Juice industry, it’s no surprise that Savage puts out consistent, high-quality CBD vape juice with perfect flavours. Savage has been a go-to in the vape industry for a long time, and is one of the largest brands out there. Priding themselves on top quality CBD products, full transparency, and competitive pricing, we’ll be seeing Savage dominating this industry for a long time to come.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Fantastic, just what I wanted!!

To all those complaining about the taste did you buy the flavourless one!? I found the flavoured ones to be super strong tasting but prefer the flavourless as I order my own flavouring and if I want it can be a different flavour every fill with the same CBD health effects. I have and will continue to order this product as the price point is very reasonable for the quality that you get.

I wish I could return this product because it tastes so bad that I cannot use it!

I tried to use this fluid in my Uwell Caliburn refillable vape pen (meant to use E-Juice) and was severely disappointed. I wish I could return it because it is so expensive! I will not be using this as it left a horrible chemical after-taste in my mouth. My boyfriend also thought it tasted horrible as well and even gagged after using it. Needless to say, I will not be buying this again.

Maybe the chemical flavor is less noticeable with other types of vape pens? It looks like other people have had no issues with the flavor, so perhaps it has something to do with the Uwell style of vape pen.


Have ordered this several times. It has enough CBD to help control some nerve pain. With it being flavourless it can be mixed in tank with any other flavour to make it versatile


Happy with product and service


Very happy
Use it in the evenings, greatly helps with my knee pain and let’s me sleep deeply and I wake up refreshed!