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HighTea CBD Teas are the premium standard in edible infused beverages. With all organic ingredients and bioavailable Full Spectrum CBD, you’ll notice a difference when sipping this liquid tranquillity.

Flavour: Calming – Full Spectrum

Dosage: 100mg CBD x 10 Servings Per Bag (Under 5mg THC)

Helps relieve: stress, inflammation, pain, nausea, cramps

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Full Spectrum CBD Tea from CBD Oil Canada

HighTea is committed to bringing you exceptional, high quality, organic cannabis-infused tea. Our delicious blend of organic herbs and bioavailable CBD will help take the edge off your day in a subtle and gentle way, while also providing the health benefits of both the activated CBD and the organic herbs. Sit back, relax and indulge in your well-being.

Dosage: 100mg Full Spectrum CBD x 10 serving per bag

Helps relieve: stress, inflammation, pain, nausea, cramps

95% Organic ingredients


Calming Tea: Full spectrum CBD, chamomile, lemon balm, valerian root, rose petals, catnip

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lisa Flynn
Not bad

Bought this for my hubby who has problems getting restful sleep - we both tried it - he didn’t like the ‘weedy’ taste and slept well. I on the other hand enjoyed it and slept like a rock

Confusing label

The tea is delicious and seems to do the trick, but I’m confused by the label. Does each serving contain 100mg of CBD, or does the entire package contain 100mg, meaning each serving contains 10mg of CBD? It’s not clear.

S. fisher

Nice tea, great taste and calming effect an hour after

Brenda Marshall

Very tasty and definitely has a great calming effect. I truly love it and will be ordering again for sure.

Cheryl Tait
Very calming and tasty

Surprisingly very tasty! And the calming effect is superb! I truly love it.