The team at CBD Oil Canada take a lot of pride in our total transparency, and want all of our customers to know what people are saying about us! All of our reviews are from confirmed customers, and directly reflect on what kind of job we’re doing here at CBD Oil Canada, and we think it’s really important that all of our new customers get an idea of the kind of top-quality customer service and products they can expect when they start shopping with us. We get a lot of satisfaction knowing that we are helping people all across the country improve their health, and in turn, their way of life is getting better and better! We think that these reviews are an excellent reflection of our commitment to helping people with the products we sell here at CBD Oil Canada.

Shop Reviews

April Wookey
April W.
14:21 20 Jul 20
everything is beneficial
Deanne Porsch
Deanne P.
04:41 21 May 20
Totally impressed with my order! Arrived within 48 hours Tried the Essential Roll On and it worked right away. Bought Miss Envy CBD Capsules for anxiety, depression, etc. Looking forward to see how it works, Thanks very much for the fast delivery.
Jas Dhanda
Jas D.
20:42 25 Apr 20
I love the CBD oil by Island theraputics, but the tincture by Savage for $160 is not worth it. It doesnt like a tincture... actually there is no difference in taste between the CBD oil or the tincture. I highly recommend the full-spectrum CBD after a lot of research. I wasn't a fan of their topical products but the CBD is awesome. **I have changed my review because the CEO reached out to me after some communication and helped me resolve the issue since I was not completely satisfied with the the topical products. I know it went against their policy, but during this time I apprecaite it a lot! I apprecaite that they help me resolve it so quickly and that CEO of all people reached out to help. Thankyou
Vivian Ann McIntosh
Vivian Ann M.
21:16 23 Apr 20
Great products. Reasonable and Canadian.
Dan Thompson
Dan T.
01:30 23 Apr 20
Amazing service and super fast delivery.Looking forward to trying and fingers crossed it helps with my pain
Katrina Keating
Katrina K.
12:48 09 Apr 20
Great service and product!
Jaime-Lynn Kilner
Jaime-Lynn K.
21:44 18 Mar 20
wow super easy website to shop on and even better my order arrived days after my payment was received 😃
Skip Dow
Skip D.
17:56 12 Feb 20
Fast shipping and always well packaged.
Ashley DeFrane
Ashley D.
01:54 16 Dec 19
Easy to use website and lots of products
Mitch Venasse
Mitch V.
15:31 13 Dec 19
I have ordered a handful of times from this company. I have to say that the customer service is fantastic. I ordered a bottle during Black Friday, upon arrival I had received regular tincture as opposed to the Full Spectrum I ordered. I got a response quickly and the issue was 100% resolved and I got the Full Spectrum I ordered no longer than 2 days later. Amazing service. Great products. Recommended this to 2 friends already. 👌👌👌
Sandy Dowie
Sandy D.
08:19 11 Dec 19
I first heard of CBD oil Canada from my son while visiting, he is on treatment for colon cancer. I was staying at his house for a few days and mentioned that I as having a hard time sleeping, he asked if I wanted to try this CBD oil that he was using to help with his reaction to chemo . He said that it helped him getting to sleep. I tried it and it really helped and aside from helping me to get to sleep, but according to my wife I slept better. So now I order it on line , it arrives in about 2 days , I sleep better and I am not so achy in the morning.
Joëlle Casamajou
Joëlle C.
01:46 10 Dec 19
Excellent product. Very fast delivery.
Vinicius Scursel
Vinicius S.
01:22 10 Dec 19
Extremely quality products, perfect and complete description of all available options.For sure will buy again
Susan Swan
Susan S.
01:11 05 Dec 19
Ordered their oil for my dog after a poor experience with a much more expensive brand. The product arrived quickly, my dog loves the taste, and best of all, it's working and she is in less pain and calmer. Thanks
Logan Stothers
Logan S.
20:13 03 Dec 19
Fast delivery and easy to use website. Great product to help with my sleep!
Jacki Lockerbie Currington
Jacki Lockerbie C.
21:56 02 Dec 19
I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. After using CBD oil I am now able to function at a much higher level. My family tells me the difference is night and day. I would, and have, recommend CBD Oil Canada to anyone with an inflammatory issue.
Melissa Davidson
Melissa D.
16:57 02 Dec 19
Very happy with my 2 purchases from CDB Oil Canada! Very knowledge staff to answer questions and shipping is very fast
Katrina Taibinger
Katrina T.
20:50 30 Nov 19
Excellent customer service and super fast delivery. Great products!!
Shauna Marson
Shauna M.
18:38 30 Nov 19
Love the product. Helped me sleep and helped with my anxiety
Lucy Luk'yana
Lucy L.
15:16 29 Nov 19
Customer service responded promptly and helpfully with my questions. The CBD oil order is easy to navigate and arrives quickly. Excellent quality products and prices. Two thumbs up!
Alexandra Maeder
Alexandra M.
21:20 28 Nov 19
Bons produits. Site web bien fait. Commandes en ligne facile.Je le recommande sans hésitation.100% satisfaite ☀️
R Scott Peloquin
R Scott P.
20:18 27 Nov 19
Easy ordering, great product selection & fast shipping.
Michel Wan-Hao
Michel W.
02:25 26 Nov 19
Ordered some CBD oil for my father, who has moderate/severe leg pain from multiple operations. Wasn't the magic bullet that he expected, but he seems to not let the pain bother him as much during the day. Also said that he's sleeping much better since taking the oil, and that people have been commenting on his more relaxed/less irritable mood. Happy with the purchase!
Pat Redmond
Pat R.
20:43 24 Nov 19
Excellent, trouble free service. Highly recommended.
Teresa Kahler
Teresa K.
03:18 24 Nov 19
First time trying the full spectrum cbd oil. It has helped with my anxiety and I’m sleeping much better at night. This company was recommended by a friend. Service was quick and there’s lots of product to choose from. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer.
Alexis Corbin
Alexis C.
23:45 23 Nov 19
Very fast shipping. Check out is super easy. Love the product
Mélanie Haché
Mélanie H.
22:12 23 Nov 19
fast shipping! very well packed and sealed! thanks!
Sabrina Klempau
Sabrina K.
06:01 23 Nov 19
Fast delivery, nice packaging. As a first time buyer I found the website to be very informative and the payment was very easy to make. Will definitely be ordering again!
Shane Lee
Shane L.
01:06 23 Nov 19
It helps extremely well for my joint pain and inflammation. I feel better about the pain being much more manageable.
Nicholas Simard
Nicholas S.
22:30 22 Nov 19
Delivery was fast and items were as described
John Beaudry
John B.
22:22 19 Nov 19
It works good and great service
Scott Hachey
Scott H.
18:22 19 Nov 19
Great products and fast shipping
Molly Parker
Molly P.
23:53 18 Nov 19
Great company with a fantastic selection of cbd, vapes and oils. I received my order very quickly. Great customer service. I will be buying here again and again.
Lorraine Barrie
Lorraine B.
18:44 18 Nov 19
It was my first time to order from this company and I have been very satisfied with their services. Before I ordered, my questions were addressed in a very short time and then the delivery was very quick. I have now been taking Honest Botanicals without THC for only 10 days , starting with only half the dosage because of sensitivity to everything I put in my body, and for the first time I have seen a difference in the burning I have been experiencing for many many years because of fibromyalgia. The purity of the product is for sure a factor for me to be able to tolerate it. I would definitely recommend it.
Patricia Daley
Patricia D.
22:55 17 Nov 19
Nice range of CBD products, easy to order, super quick delivery (2-days), and the products do not disappoint. Will definitely keep ordering from here.
Andra-J Olson
Andra-J O.
15:46 17 Nov 19
We have been treating our Daschund/Russell cross with your products for his IVDD. Our vet can’t believe that he is walking and we can’t thank your company enough for the professional service and quick delivery of your excellent products.
Derek Rupprecht
Derek R.
16:27 16 Nov 19
Great experience and no hassle. The product was priced well and was very effective. Definitely plan to continue making my CBD purchases here.
Kath Chapman
Kath C.
22:26 15 Nov 19
Easy to use website, excellent range of products, very smooth processing meant I got products within 5 days to a remote location even over a long weekend. Impressed, will definitely order from them again.
Petra Z. McGowan
Petra Z. M.
21:31 15 Nov 19
I was a bit wary at first seeing that the company only accepts e-transfers (no credit card protection), but my orders were processed and delivered promptly, so do not let it deter you. There was an issue with labeling on one of the product they offer and they got in touch with the manufacturer, clarified the issue for me and offered me a credit for catching the mistake. My experience has been very positive with them. Screw ups happen, it is how they are handled that will either keep me come back or not.
Gerri Hynes
Gerri H.
02:52 13 Nov 19
Excellent product! Excellent service! Order arrived quickly. Thank you CBD Oil Canada!
Arturas Dzeikas
Arturas D.
01:45 13 Nov 19
An amazing service, fast shipping and delivery. My two cats enjoy feline cbd oil, I've notice less tension and anxiety between them. Looking forward to my next order! Highly recommend.
Pauline Williamson
Pauline W.
20:39 12 Nov 19
Excellent Service: delivered within 2 days & received everything in good order. Very efficient, easy to use website & very pleased with the products, thank you. Three elderly dogs thank you for their CBD Oil -x-
Ben Turgeon
Ben T.
19:09 12 Nov 19
I am very pleased with the service and products! Their customer service is fantastic and they ship the products in a timely matter.
Joanne Mul-Howard
Joanne M.
19:22 10 Nov 19
Everything. Amazing product, amazing customer service. Will continue using CBD Oil Canada as my main supplier. Great job guys!
Mitch Wakelam
Mitch W.
17:19 10 Nov 19
Excellent products. Have ordered CBD oil multiple times for family members and they have not been disappointed
Monique Belair
Monique B.
06:57 10 Nov 19
Excellent product and service
Judiith Chrétiien
Judiith C.
19:56 09 Nov 19
Very fast delivery, excellent quality products. I highly recommend CBD oil canada :)
Ashli Carr
Ashli C.
19:43 09 Nov 19
Great selection, fast, reliable, no hassle delivery!
Monique Arseneault
Monique A.
16:48 06 Nov 19
taste is palatable. helps me sleep and to sleep the whole night.
Lyndsey Dueck
Lyndsey D.
05:13 06 Nov 19
It was so easy to order from them - all the information was clearly laid out on the website for each product, making my decisions much easier. I received my order quite quickly, too, which was a great bonus.
Stella King
Stella K.
05:38 02 Nov 19
I bought oil, gummies and ointment and all products are great really helping with my pain levels
Nicole Cumming
Nicole C.
15:14 01 Nov 19
Great fast service! Products are great... just be patient with finding your right dosage! :)
Joyce Cosh
Joyce C.
20:20 30 Oct 19
fast shipping, very informative website, followed up on my satisfaction with the product. Ordering again!
Wayne Deakoff
Wayne D.
23:46 29 Oct 19
Received the product in quick order. Started using it the same day. I wasn’t sure of the proper dosage as the droppers are not graduated, however I got a reply to my email the next with a suggestion on how to determine the dosage. I bet been using it a bit over a week now and although it might be too early to really tell, I have felt a reduction in my back pain. Coincidence ?, maybe but another week or two will tell for sure. Wayne
Denise Rochette Dion
Denise Rochette D.
18:11 29 Oct 19
Reliable company. Excellent product. Delivery on time, as promised. My dog is 17 and since he is using the OIL, he is walking so much better and doesn't have problems getting up anymore. I would recommend it to everybody. Thanks Denise.
Valerie Lynn Wightman
Valerie Lynn W.
15:38 24 Oct 19
This company provides awesome products. I use the cbd honest brand, full spectrum, 1000 mg. Helps just keeping me moving with less pain and more energy. Also my skin Scerisis is gone! I also use the apothecan rollon pain med and it works perfectly and is so easy to apply to all areas.. love this company. ps the service is excellent
Lok Wotomoff
Lok W.
03:11 24 Oct 19
Helped to reduce my back pain,it works for me and I would recommend.
John Olson
John O.
02:12 24 Oct 19
Top quality products, super fast shipping, excellent customer service.
Ali Bader
Ali B.
21:29 23 Oct 19
Incredible selection of products and awesome service :)
Ilona Wultsch-Botelho
Ilona W.
14:32 23 Oct 19
I really like the customer service and of course my product. I purchased Honest Full Spectrum 1000mg CBD oil. Although I have been using the product only for 2 weeks, I can already see some improvement. I am titrating up very slowly. I definitely will order again. Thank you
Michelle Martin Rahel
Michelle Martin R.
22:19 20 Oct 19
Great products and great company to deal with. Orders are filled quickly and delivered promptly.
Pauline Fdrk
Pauline F.
20:28 20 Oct 19
this is a great product - reasonable cost. the company offers discounts on a seasonal basis making the product very affordable. Very good range of products available to purchase. Product is easy to use and store. Website very easy to navigate and simple to use payment method. Very discreet packaging and both times i have ordered from this company, the delivery has been made before the expected delivery date. Would highly recommend to others
Megan Van Heest
Megan Van H.
17:16 20 Oct 19
easy ordering, fast shipping and great selection.
Amanda Grosse
Amanda G.
14:14 17 Oct 19
Great selection of CBD products that work and so far have never run out of stock like some other sites! Will continue purchasing :)
Kimberly Bissell
Kimberly B.
12:47 17 Oct 19
Great selection of products, and fast service! Feel great with this addition to my daily routine!
Bogdan Ilyushchenko
Bogdan I.
03:11 16 Oct 19
Good products. Helps for good rest and sleep.
Jeanneau Longue
Jeanneau L.
03:10 16 Oct 19
Good product CBD capsules. Helps. 🙂
David Lee
David L.
21:18 14 Oct 19
Great service and a good selection of products.
Brigitte Senécal
Brigitte S.
15:24 12 Oct 19
Great product, good for my dogs
Laura Barker
Laura B.
19:26 11 Oct 19
I am currently LOVING this product! "Feel CBD" I have felt my anxiety lower, I also track my sleep and I seem to be sleeping better! The company has been great too! QUICK and easy service. Could not recommend more!
Sierra Hewson
Sierra H.
23:13 10 Oct 19
Quick delivery, product arrived as described, nice variety to choose from, fair prices. Will be ordering again for sure.
Megan Christian
Megan C.
02:25 07 Oct 19
Great experience ordering! Tons of info to make choosing a product easy! Will definitely be ordering again! Super quick delivery!
Jennifer Gelvosa
Jennifer G.
00:51 07 Oct 19
After reading on the benefits of CBD oil, I decided to look into ordering a bottle for my dog to help him with night time anxiety. A quick Google search lead me to CBD Oil Canada - The website is easy to navigate, and they have a great selection for both pets and humans, with reasonable prices. I decided to go with Neutraceutical CBD Oil for Pets and so far it’s helped! My dog hasn’t been pacing around as much, and he also doesn’t seem to mind the taste of it. Shipping was also pretty fast; ordered on Monday and delivered on Thursday. I’ll definitely be recommending this site to my friends and family.
Jo Alyward
Jo A.
23:12 06 Oct 19
Very happy with our experience with this CBD oil for our dog.
David Gagnon
David G.
12:41 06 Oct 19
For me it WORKS !! Do not be afraid to try something new.
Shawna Mullins
Shawna M.
02:00 06 Oct 19
safer and works great if prescribed medication doesn't work well for you ✌️
Christine Youngson
Christine Y.
21:21 05 Oct 19
Ok - I've done 2 weeks so far! :-) I LoVe LoVe LoVe this company and their Full Spectrum products! I'm just getting started with this company and this is my first introduction to CBD Full Spectrum Oil. The customer service at CBD-Oil Canada is INCREDIBLE! The information provided by the representative was professional, friendly and so very helpful. Everything about CBD-Oil Canada has been wonderful, the products, the customer service, easily navigable website, and timely delivery. I will be placing an ordering for the 1000mg. I think that will be suited to the strength that I need. So far I am beyond thrilled! I wish I had been able to have access to this product sooner! I am very excited to see how this is relieving my anxiety, helping me feel relaxed and even alleviating my insomnia. Even better is that it can do so without the many negative side effects of anxiety pills, medications or other less-natural supplements for anxiety. This CBD doesn’t get you “high” or cause feelings of intoxication that many frequently associate with cannabis. It also doesn't have the strong sedative or narcotic effects common with the anxiety pills pushed by the pharmaceutical industry.I highly recommend this company and the Honest CBD Full Spectrum Oil! Thank you and Best wishes.
Deb Tamburro
Deb T.
23:49 28 Sep 19
As an older person who suffers from arthritis and seems new aches and pains everyday , I've been using CBD oil for a week now and have noticed some relief. I would reorder again. I look foward to a pain free life.
Nick Jones
Nick J.
11:52 27 Sep 19
Great first time buyer experience. Easy to use, informative website. Friendly / helpful staff. Good products (the CBD Oil is helping with my insomnia).
Leanda Ianniello
Leanda I.
21:27 25 Sep 19
Fast Delivery good customer service
Gerhard Berger
Gerhard B.
23:25 24 Sep 19
very reliable and professional. Great product. It's so easy to deal with CBD pills when you are in pain. No side effects.
Wendy Weinacht
Wendy W.
21:36 24 Sep 19
I have chronic tennis elbow and nothing was helping. I did physical therapy nothing just made it angry! Then three rounds of cortisone shots. First one lasted 6 months, second one lasted 3 months and the last one only 3 weeks. I was about to give up when a friend said to try CBD oil. I was reluctant but thought why not. I found CBD Canada on line, read some reviews and thought let’s give a try. I haven’t been taking it long BUT I do see and feel a difference! I would highly recommend CBD Canada not only is shipping fast but if you have questions they do answer you! Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed. I will continue to order from them.
Karen Coshof
Karen C.
21:24 23 Sep 19
Speedy delivery and good pricing.
Penny Lindsay
Penny L.
14:53 19 Sep 19
Their customer service is excellent. I had a couple things happen (at my end) which they were happy to assist me with changing without any problem. Shipping was fast. The products are good.
Lily Drader
Lily D.
02:55 19 Sep 19
Super fast shipping and clear communication throughout the whole process. Will be ordering again! Great product as well came exactly as described
Alexis HB
Alexis H.
01:49 19 Sep 19
Recently ordered the cara-melts and cbd oil from them and it arrived a lot faster than expected. They both really help me sleep and help me manage my school related stress which is what I bought it for. Super happy with the products!!
Gui Trento
Gui T.
01:08 18 Sep 19
awesome! fast process, great products! totally recommend
Melanie Simone Bedard
Melanie Simone B.
07:37 17 Sep 19
Their products are good quality. I would recommend them and will order from them again. However I find their prices for shipping very expensive
Mariana Manta
Mariana M.
19:16 15 Sep 19
I highly recommend the pure CBD oil in cases of restoring inflammation and pinched nerve after a fall. I could do it in less than a week with the help of it. I’m going to try now to see if those arthritis inflammation are coming back. The rainy weather will help me realize how much I reduced my problem.Thank you very much for your wonderful work at CBD oil Canada
Rob Cahill
Rob C.
21:07 13 Sep 19
Great business to work with. Answers question promptly, and all orders are received on time. You can depend on CBD Oil Canada
Krista Saunders
Krista S.
20:30 13 Sep 19
Easy to use website, fast shipping and great products!
Erin Matheson
Erin M.
05:27 13 Sep 19
I've submitted a couple orders through CBD Oil Canada and I'm really impressed.Payment can seem a bit odd at first - you will have to pay via Interac E-Transfer, but payment was accepted right away and they sent me confirmation that my order was complete almost instantly. My orders have been shipped out within 1-2 days.The CBD oils I have tried thus far are fantastic. There was also one product I was interested in that was initially out of stock, and I was surprised when they restocked it within a couple of weeks - these guys are really on top of their inventory. Overall a really great shopping experience with this site - will definitely be ordering again.
Laurie-Anne Lao
Laurie-Anne L.
18:35 11 Sep 19
Lots of choices, great products, fast shipping. ☆☆☆☆☆
Cheryl Kinkaid
Cheryl K.
19:05 10 Sep 19
Great products. lots of types and explanations so you know what you're buying. fast shipping.
Nicole Guthrie
Nicole G.
02:11 10 Sep 19
Great Canadian company 😊
Carolyne Nellis
Carolyne N.
03:46 05 Sep 19
Awesome products and services, definitely recommend this place
Eva Kirszenstein
Eva K.
16:55 04 Sep 19
I love the sovrin cbd cartridge that I got, great flavour and potent. It helps so much with my anxiety and helps me get to sleep when I need it. Highly recommend
Deb McNab
Deb M.
16:34 02 Sep 19
I have ordered from CBD Oil Canada a couple of times. Ordering was quite simple and delivery was quick after payment had been received. They have such a wide array of products that it would be hard to not find something that works for you. If you have any questions, answers are just an email away. All in all, a great place to shop.
Heather Halligan-Davies
Heather H.
14:41 01 Sep 19
Good product, good service, quick to answer any questions. Will purchase from here again
Mike Heard
Mike H.
21:20 31 Aug 19
They have a large selection of cbd oil products and provide easy to use payment options and fast shipping
Sylvain Dore
Sylvain D.
22:02 30 Aug 19
I started to give my border collie Angel oil for the past 10 days and I can see a different change in her! She starting to run again and without her weird thing happening in her back end. Her hips seems way better and she loves it. The normal life of a collie is 10 to 14 years and she passed 14, her mind is happy and she always smile but her problem was her hips so hopefully it will last. Great oil and it work awesome for her! She’s like a puppy again and loving it 😊
Joanne Fehr-Fast
Joanne F.
12:55 28 Aug 19
Great experience dealing with CBD oil Canada. Very quick delivery, and product is exactly as described. I purchased the CBD oil 500mg for arthritis pain in my hand. Pain subsides when i use it under my tongue. I also rub some on my hand as well. This seems to be working for me. Next time, i will purchase the 1000 mg or greater for hopefully linger lasting results. I also appreciate the fact that they post their lab results online. This shows they are what they claim to be. Thanks 😊
Seti Nejad
Seti N.
17:49 27 Aug 19
I got my first CBD oil fromThem, I got the Full spectrum oil CBD tincture 500mg ✨ it's only been a few days that I'm taking it and I'm super satisfied with the results! It's helping me clearing my mind and allowing me to be present more, my meditations have become somehow deeper and I'm able to think clearly! And the delivery was fast too 😇🌿
Grace Cole
Grace C.
15:44 27 Aug 19
Lots of selection, and the product I received was amazing - exactly what I was expecting and it was delivered quickly.
Amy Switzer
Amy S.
09:11 26 Aug 19
I had a great experience with CBD Oil Canada. I received the product I ordered even faster than I was expecting and I’m very happy with how it’s helping my son who has epilepsy. I will definitely be ordering from CDD Oil Canada again.
Suzanne Bowers
Suzanne B.
15:42 24 Aug 19
So happy to have found a reliable, quality source! Great service and product.
Wendy Sikorra
Wendy S.
05:17 20 Aug 19
I was recommended to try the CBD oil for pain and anxiety. I thought it would be worth a try because of the pain my arthritis causes. I ordered the roll on and the gummy bears. Much to my amazement I noticed a big difference. I was so happy. It really is worth a try. If you have never used it before you will he surprised as to how it helps> Their service is great and their products are shipped quickly. The gummy bears have different tastes but all are good. The roll on works really well for my hands.
Ken Pringle
Ken P.
23:36 18 Aug 19
I placed my order on August 5th 2019. I recieved my order on the 9th of August 2019. It is Full Spectrum 500 mg CBD oil. I am noticing some pain relief, and sleeping well. It has only been 9 days so far. I am pleased.
Paul D'Abruzzo
Paul D.
21:47 13 Aug 19
Quick to answer specific questions about products I had, easy purchasing and fast shipping. Great quality of product so far. Will definitely buy again
Megan Hallman
Megan H.
20:26 13 Aug 19
I ordered two bottles of Honest Botanicals CBD Oil in 1000 mg, one for myself and one for my mother in law. I had been dealing with some postpartum anxiety and she was having trouble sleeping, after only a few days we both felt a huge difference! I am impressed and will be ordering from CBD Oil Canada again in the future. :)
Dawn Wilson Graham
Dawn Wilson G.
22:59 12 Aug 19
Best website ever if your interested in CBD. Lots of great products to choose from!!
Mora Rozum
Mora R.
04:05 11 Aug 19
fantastic shop I had a issue with my payment and they talked me trough it . I got my product super quick and it works great . I cant wait to bey more . totally recommend
Vicky Devillez
Vicky D.
18:23 10 Aug 19
I was hesitant to try CBD oil but a recent bout with sciatica pain made me decide to give it a try. I purchased the Honest Zero THC 500 mg CBD oil. I have been using it 2 x a day for 10 days and am very happy with the results. While i occasionally have some pain most has disappeared. The best part is hat I no longer am kept awake all night with pain from my hip to my ankle. The CBD oil has also reduced my usual aches and pains from arthritis. I find it also makes me feel calm and am less stressed since starting on the oil. I will definitely be ordering again.
Patrick Russell
Patrick R.
13:30 08 Aug 19
Wife and I ordered from CBD Oil Canada; fast shipping; ordered on a Friday-- received on a Monday. E-transfer was straight forward, all easy to understand. Communication was solid. Will be repeat customer, and will refer others to this site.
Maya de Leon
Maya de L.
02:48 08 Aug 19
tried honest botanicals CBD/no THC. relieved all of my pains, I'm sleeping much better and much calmer!
Denise Rafuse
Denise R.
17:55 07 Aug 19
Prompt service. Quality products.
Ian McDonald
Ian M.
15:11 07 Aug 19
EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE!Products arrived within a day of payment.Easy to navigate website & ordering.Top Quality Products! I typically suffer from BAD tension headaches due to really high anxiety. Since using 1000mg Honest Botanical Co CBD Tincture & their Honest Botanicals Co 4:1 THC:CBD Tangerine Flavour Tincture my anxiety has significantly decreased & have enjoyed a full week now without a single tension headache!! Prices I found to be on par with previous companies I used to (and will no longer after discovering this company) order from!
Gerry Roeder
Gerry R.
19:30 05 Aug 19
Great place to purchase your CBD Products at reasonable pricing.
Despina Dessilas
Despina D.
18:53 05 Aug 19
Using it for my dog with good results Ordering is a breeze.
Karen King
Karen K.
17:00 04 Aug 19
They have superior products and I love how fast you receive your orders. It was the first time in years that I was able to sleep most of the night and with minimal pain, I can't wait to see how I feel after a few weeks. I also think the selection is awesome.
Keith Bennett
Keith B.
01:09 03 Aug 19
this is my first order,but prices seem reasonable
Lindsey Smith
Lindsey S.
15:17 02 Aug 19
First time ordering from CBD Oil Canada and had a very positive experience. Product arrived quickly, got high quality CBD oil that stopped my sons night terrors completely, and great customer service
Larah Christine
Larah C.
13:16 31 Jul 19
Always had a great experience ordering from this website, love all the products I’ve ordered. The customer service is great and responds quick!
Tobias Leung
Tobias L.
01:58 31 Jul 19
Easy ordering, express came within 2 days which wasnt bad given im located in Toronto and they are in BC. Very happy with my order! HONEST CBD AND ISLAND THERAPEUTICS. and of course the edibles :)
Karen Dunne
Karen D.
17:55 29 Jul 19
They are prompt and professional service and their product is very pure. It has taken away 75% of my pain and giving me my mobility back. I've experienced no side effects and would recommend this product to everyone.The best thing I like about it is there is no mind alterations period.
Susan Minton Green
Susan Minton G.
00:48 29 Jul 19
I received my order in a timely fashion and was as ordered. Great service!
Tyrone Hartt
Tyrone H.
09:38 28 Jul 19
Great for increasing overall energy and reducing general fatigue.
Meg JL Nichols
Meg JL N.
22:54 27 Jul 19
Great service, fast shipment, good product 👍
Cherie Calvez
Cherie C.
19:56 27 Jul 19
Had great service. Product showed up on time and was exactly what I was expecting
Melinda Biddle
Melinda B.
22:37 26 Jul 19
it works ! period everyone should consider using if have chronic pain
Jaron Biggins
Jaron B.
20:44 26 Jul 19
Excellent ordering process, easy to use website, and a great product!Thank you!
Sheila Evans
Sheila E.
20:51 23 Jul 19
Absolutely great for sleep and relaxation, would recommend!
Tara Peláez
Tara P.
20:05 23 Jul 19
Very quick delivery and good selection of CBD oils.
Anne Julio Amaral Cordeiro
Anne Julio Amaral C.
17:37 22 Jul 19
CBD Oil Canada was prompt with delivery.
Ebony Lowther
Ebony L.
21:09 21 Jul 19
Ordered Honest Botanicals CBD Full Spectrum my pup for his IBD/generalized anxiety and reactivity. Arrived super quick and was able to track my shipment the whole way. He's been taking this product for two weeks now and already I've seen some amazing improvements - this tells me all I need to know that this oil is great quality and I couldn't be thankful enough that my best friend is feeling so much better already!
Kym Compton-Baresinkoff
Kym C.
03:17 18 Jul 19
I ordered the NOVA CBD oil to assist in managing nerve pain. So far so good, my husband has been on it for 1 week. Delivery was great!! We are very hopeful that this will be the thing that works.
Lynn Dool
Lynn D.
00:13 17 Jul 19
It helps me sleep better and I have less inflammation in my legs.
Branden Meier
Branden M.
20:25 15 Jul 19
Works just as advertised.
Matthew Everest
Matthew E.
21:28 14 Jul 19
Very happy with the products and the speedy shipping. I work in construction and I was in pain for a long time and now that I take cbd oil it has been a game changer
Caitlín Raynor
Caitlín R.
14:49 14 Jul 19
Great website and super-fast communication and shipping. CBD oil purchased to help my ageing dog with her arthritis and it's working a treat!
Laura Burgos-Contreras
Laura B.
21:58 11 Jul 19
The prices are amazing, quality products with fast and easy delivery! Will be purchasing from them again.
Christiane Yelle
Christiane Y.
18:37 10 Jul 19
Service impeccable. Livraison rapide.
Rachel Gadd
Rachel G.
19:18 08 Jul 19
Amazing customer service and fantastic products. Thank you!
Devon Deslauriers
Devon D.
20:45 07 Jul 19
Product was delivered promptly. Helps with sleep!
Lisa Hansen Rhodes
Lisa Hansen R.
03:37 07 Jul 19
super fast service in 2 days had it . Great products as well. thanks
Regan Smith
Regan S.
18:48 04 Jul 19
Website is easy to navigate, easy to order and shipping was fairly quick. Ordered CBD oils and paw salve. Oils have little to no taste, which is awesome, and the puppy paw salve worked in just a few days! Will be ordering and again and recommending! Thanks!!
Jennifer Kelly
Jennifer K.
23:39 02 Jul 19
Customer care was excellent, product was quick to get and taste great
Carmen Murphy-Cicin
Carmen M.
22:42 02 Jul 19
The product was easy to order, arrived in two days, exactly as described and I’m very happy with it
Monica Lake-Monro
Monica L.
15:42 02 Jul 19
The order came within days to my mailbox. CBD oil has really helped my dog, not only with pain the primary reason for the purchase, but has eased his anxiety around fireworks and thunderstorms. Highly recommend the product and this company. Will make all purchases here from now on.
Sean Byggdin
Sean B.
19:30 01 Jul 19
CBD Oil Canada accepts payments online through e-transfer and my payment was accepted within the hour. Also, they responded to a question of mine via email just as fast and provided me links to articles that I found very useful in my research. The delivery was quick too and I'm happy with my purchase. The CBD gummies are very relaxing, highly recommend them for unwinding before bed ☺️
Cindy De Rocco
Cindy De R.
18:01 01 Jul 19
Shipped quickly and reasonably priced.
Sonny Porter
Sonny P.
04:34 29 Jun 19
It eases pain for all kinds of health issues.
Rachel Bracking
Rachel B.
17:35 26 Jun 19
Super fast shipping. Great selection.
Paul Yelle
Paul Y.
21:54 25 Jun 19
Effective pet products @ a great price,Owner of 2 senior dogs
Amanda Brown
Amanda B.
18:52 25 Jun 19
Honest Botanicals 250mg no THC CBD oil has very little taste and is easy to ingest. Very easy ordering process and fairly quick shipping speed. I will definitely order again.
Kate Rae
Kate R.
23:08 24 Jun 19
Great products. I will continue to buy from this website as the products work well. I also love how you can use your debit card to purchase.
Trevor Hodder
Trevor H.
20:36 24 Jun 19
Amazing products and great prices. Shipping was very fast. Very easy transaction.
Miruna Beti
Miruna B.
15:37 22 Jun 19
Very helpful with all your questions. the ordering process was quick and hassle free. product arrived sooner than expected. a positive experience overall.
Andrea Logan
Andrea L.
16:54 18 Jun 19
CBD Oil Canada was very easy to deal with. The information on their website is very thorough and they are very knowledgeable in CBD products. Payment is sent via etransfer, for which they send a simple step-by-step instruction email for you to follow. They are very generous when fixing errors on their part, as well - I had a payment issue which I would have gladly fixed but they even offered me a future credit good for 50% of my current order! Wow!!Will definitely order again, and have told all my friends as well.
Ana-Maria Manoilă
Ana-Maria M.
16:42 07 Jun 19
I highly recommend their products! I’ve tried the Island Therapeutics full spectrum CBD oil and is absolutely amazing. No more sore muscles after my workouts, I am sleeping deep and wake up rested, my mind is peaceful and focused, my mood is far improved. Their service is great as well, prompt answer and fast shipping.
Sabrina Dean
Sabrina D.
17:13 26 May 19
helping me with my sleep. fast and easy delivery too
Donna Crowe
Donna C.
21:03 25 May 19
The company’s website is simple to use, their products are awesome!! The CBD helps to relax and helps me have a good night sleep. My delivery was here in two days. Awesome service!!!
Shan Thiesen
Shan T.
20:53 25 May 19
For those of you interested in THC-Free (no high) Hemp derived CBD Oil, this is where I order mine from. It delivers discretely in a white box 2-3 days after I place my online order. Pay via e-transfer. Excellent quality. I've now ordered 3 times and had zero complaints. I highly recommend it! It has helped me with both my sleep and with anxiety/racing thoughts :)
Jen Tomlin
Jen T.
20:07 22 May 19
Excellent product quick delivery thank you !!
Jen North
Jen N.
04:11 21 May 19
Having never ordered online for CBD oil, I didn’t know what to expect. There was lots of info, service was so quick and efficient and shipping was immediate. Will continue to order from here.
Harold Rose
Harold R.
18:09 19 May 19
Top notch quality products combined with excellent service and competitive prices.
Melissa Thoms
Melissa T.
15:28 09 May 19
I ordered pure CBD oil recently from their site for my grandparents who both deal with severe pain. My grandma's fibromyalgia causes her severe foot pain, enough that she can't walk. My grandpa has bad knees and is unable to walk pain free for long distances. After using the product, they were able to go out shopping and running errands all day pain free! The company provided great service, shipping came fast and they sent a sample product as a bonus!
Dana Abdai
Dana A.
22:10 06 May 19
The service is great, product is amazing and super fast shipping.
Chris Roberts
Chris R.
22:14 02 May 19
Very happy with both the product and service I have received from CBD Oil Canada and will continue to order from them!
Holly Quinlan
Holly Q.
21:46 30 Apr 19
Great product! Definitely noticed a difference with the Cbd oil, I would recommend to anyone with anxiety!
Mel Moore
Mel M.
03:23 26 Apr 19
I bought a few things and they have helped me so much. I love the descriptions, really helps when you wanna try something new. I will continue buying from these guys, their products have helped me so much as I’m going through chemo. I recommend their edibles sooo yummy!
Kat Es
Kat E.
16:40 25 Apr 19
If you are looking for high quality CBD oil with verified lab tests, this one is for you! Not many companies post their results online. With Island Therapeutics Broad spectrum oil, their CBD oil content is high (91.56%). It also show that there is CBC (cannabichromene) which is another cannabanoid (at least 113 found so far!). So with having CBC and CBD, you will have better therapeutic results <3
Angie Robinson
Angie R.
00:06 27 Feb 19
My mom has stage 4 breast and bone cancer and I need CBD oil fast
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