The team at CBD Oil Canada take a lot of pride in our total transparency, and want all of our customers to know what people are saying about us! All of our reviews are from confirmed customers, and directly reflect on what kind of job we’re doing here at CBD Oil Canada, and we think it’s really important that all of our new customers get an idea of the kind of top-quality customer service and products they can expect when they start shopping with us. We get a lot of satisfaction knowing that we are helping people all across the country improve their health, and in turn, their way of life is getting better and better! We think that these reviews are an excellent reflection of our commitment to helping people with the products we sell here at CBD Oil Canada.

CBD Oil Canada
Based on 586 reviews
Joyce Kamikura
Joyce K.
18:31 22 Nov 19
I bought CBD 1000mg for my husband's severe pain with spinal stenosis. For 11 days he has been taking 1/2drop per day as recommended in their web site. So far he has not had any sign of relief. So, he started to take ½ drop twice a day far, no difference. We're hoping it will show some result soon. The payment for the order was a bit confusing as I didn't find proper dialogue boxes in the E-Transfer form. But the service by CBD Oil Canada was very good and prompt.
Chealsie Herrick
Chealsie H.
09:14 21 Nov 19
Amazing products, huge selection of any kind of CBD u would be looking for. Friendly Online support/staff. I love it's Canadian, well because we rock n all... Would & will highly recommend to friends, family. Fast,safe,secure shipping & payment options.... 5-5 🙂
Contracts Guaranteed Removals
Contracts Guaranteed R.
17:48 20 Nov 19
Easy to order, great selection and the product I ordered is amazing!
Klaus Erat
Klaus E.
01:10 20 Nov 19
really great product took it for anxiety and stress relief, works very well !
Scott Hachey
Scott H.
18:21 19 Nov 19
Jessica Bjarnason
Jessica B.
00:37 19 Nov 19
I was very impressed with how fast and efficient the whole process was from start to finish for my order. Payment process was easy and processed quickly, and the best part was it arrived the next day.The oil I ordered for my dog seems to be helping with her symptoms from cancer, so the fact that the order process and delivery was so quick, it really helped for her.If it ends up working we’ll for a long term option, I will be ordering more for sure. Great service all around!
Carrie Van Dreason
Carrie Van D.
23:51 18 Nov 19
Great company with a fantastic selection of cbd, vapes and oils. I received my order very quickly. Great customer service. I will be buying here again and again.
James Schurman
James S.
20:08 18 Nov 19
I bought some cbd oil for my aging dog. He has arthritis in his hip and back and was taking opiate painkillers and anti-inflammatories from the vet. We transitioned him onto CBD oil and his condition has greatly improved! He has way more energy and seems to be in much less pain than he was on the other drugs and there seem to be no negative side effects. In fact, we found that he is suffering less from a skin condition that has also been bothering him for many years and that was an unexpected benefit that we got from switching to CBD. We're so happy that his quality of life has improved so greatly on this new medicine!
Robin Kelly
Robin K.
15:36 18 Nov 19
Order came quickly and as expected. The pet CBD oil does wonders for anxious dogs with separation anxiety. Highly recommended
Christine Wallace
Christine W.
01:21 18 Nov 19
Extremely happy with the products and service! Always very fast shipping
Paul Welshie
Paul W.
00:43 18 Nov 19
Great customer service, I had a lot of questions being so new to these products, the tincture and gummies have worked a treat and will buy again
Patricia Daley
Patricia D.
22:59 17 Nov 19
Nice range of CBD products, easy to order, super quick delivery (2-days), and the products do not disappoint. Will definitely keep ordering from here. 🙂
Lorraine Barrie
Lorraine B.
19:52 17 Nov 19
I was very happy with the service provided by CBD Oil Canada. Before ordering, my questions were addressed in a very succinct manner and the delivery of the product was very prompt. I have been taking the Honest Botanicals with Zero THC for only 1 1/2 week, but for the first time, even though I am still only on a half dose, I have seen a change in my level of pain. This is very encouraging. I really believe in the purity of the product as I usually react to everything that is not.
Andra Olson
Andra O.
15:40 17 Nov 19
Excellent products and wonderful service from this company. We have been using products for our dogs (eg. Our Daschund cross with IVDD-stage 5 to now walking again!) and for our own human health.
derek rupprecht
derek R.
16:26 16 Nov 19
Great experience and no hassle. The product was priced well and was very effective. Definitely plan to continue making my CBD purchases here.
Bryan Goodman
Bryan G.
22:27 15 Nov 19
I've ordered this for myself and it made such a difference that 3 of my friends ordered it as well. Relieves inflammation and pain. It is not a miracle cure all drug but it definitely has its benefits.
Kath Chapman
Kath C.
22:25 15 Nov 19
Excellent range of products - very quick delivery, even to my remote location over a long weekend -their systems work very smoothly.
Petra Z. McGowan
Petra Z. M.
21:29 15 Nov 19
I was a bit wary at first seeing that the company only accepts e-transfers (no credit card protection), but my orders were processed and delivered promptly, so do not let it deter you. There was an issue with labeling on one of the product they offer and they got in touch with the manufacturer, clarified the issue for me and offered me a credit for catching the mistake. My experience has been very positive with them. Screw ups happen, it is how they are handled that either keeps me coming back or not.
Aimée Wilby
Aimée W.
17:03 14 Nov 19
I’ve tried the CBD Oil - Sleep Drops - FeelCBD A’s well the CBD Oil - No THC - Honest Botanicals - 1000mg - CBD and both produce seem to be doing what they say they do. For myself it’s helping with my Anxiety/insomnia as well some with my depression.
Eric Wong
Eric W.
15:58 14 Nov 19
Great product. Fast shipping. Easy to purchase.
sukhdeep pandher
sukhdeep P.
05:17 14 Nov 19
very good quality honest botanical oil
04:48 14 Nov 19
Excellent products, knowledge, and customer service.
Wooly Family
Wooly F.
16:15 13 Nov 19
Very fast delivery and exactly the product I was looking for. Will order again thank you!
Gerri Hynes
Gerri H.
02:45 13 Nov 19
Excellent product and service! Thank you!
Carson Specaluk
Carson S.
01:58 13 Nov 19
01:47 13 Nov 19
Great selection of quality products. Fast shipping and delivery. Super customer service! They will take care of you and provide great advice too.
Pawel Gron
Pawel G.
00:14 13 Nov 19
Pauline Williamson
Pauline W.
20:38 12 Nov 19
Excellent Service: delivered within 2 days & received everything in good order. Very efficient, easy to use website & very pleased with the products, thank you. Three elderly dogs thank you for their CBD Oil -x-
Wendy Ross
Wendy R.
19:48 12 Nov 19
Cole Warwick
Cole W.
19:43 12 Nov 19
Ordering was quick and easy. Using e-transfer was very easy, all the directions provided are clear and hassle free. Delivery was quick and on the estimated day. Oil was great and exactly how it was described on the website. I will be ordering many more times!
Ben Turgeon
Ben T.
19:09 12 Nov 19
I am very pleased with the service and products! Their customer service is fantastic and they ship the products in a timely matter.
macenzie rogers
macenzie R.
07:57 12 Nov 19
The shipping was fast and product amazing
Ace Breen
Ace B.
13:27 11 Nov 19
SUPER fast delivery & Easy site to navigate! CBD Oil Canada is a wonderful business to purchase from, however i am uncertain if the qualities of the various CBD tinctures available are actually what they claim to be, i am currently buying different brands to find which is best. Honest Botanicals 1000mg CBD has a buttery taste that i've never tasted before in other 1000mg CBD oils and i truly don't feel anything off it (keeping in mind everyone is different) Will Definitely be buying from CBD Oil Canada again, to try more of their wide varieties available. Pleasant place to order from.
Despina Dessilas
Despina D.
00:09 11 Nov 19
Order received in two days very efficient Using it for my dog with good results
Nicole Clements
Nicole C.
19:53 10 Nov 19
It has work wonders on me. Have been using it for a couple months now. Would recommend to anyone to tri it. Thanks
Joanne Lmh
Joanne L.
19:10 10 Nov 19
Amazing products, amazing customer service! Received my order in a day and am very happy with the quality of the product and the care they take to ship it. I would highly recommend using CBD Oil Canada. You won't be disappointed. Great job guys!
Glenn Choi
Glenn C.
18:48 10 Nov 19
I bought 500mg Full-spectrum Honest Botanicals CBD oil, for my father who is in palliative care with lung cancer, in the hopes that he can cut down the use of morphine. Results has been very positive so far. He seems to cope with the pain well by taking CBD oil and was able to reduce morphine by about 30% so far. I am very happy with this product, and very thankful for all the people who are making this product!
Chris Ridley
Chris R.
18:46 10 Nov 19
Product was received very quickly once payment was sent. The company provides discounts frequently which helps lower the cost. Prices are reasonable and will continue to order from the company.
Mitch Wakelam
Mitch W.
17:16 10 Nov 19
Excellent products. Have ordered CBD oil multiple times and have not been disappointed
Brandon F
Brandon F
16:45 10 Nov 19
Very good products! Best quality CBD oil I've found online. I will definitely be ordering again
monique belair
monique B.
06:57 10 Nov 19
Excellent product fast shipping
Jackie Baron
Jackie B.
21:51 09 Nov 19
So easy to order and fast and efficient delivery. Website helped me choose the right product and the dosage information was extremely beneficial for someone who has never used CBD before, especially the way it is ranged by weight and by pain scale. I would definitely recommend
17:11 09 Nov 19
CBD oil has great products and it’s easy to order and get your package within a few days.
Jeff Brasier
Jeff B.
21:27 08 Nov 19
Love the options you can find from CBD Oil Canada. Found not only helpful things for myself but for my dog too!
Tanna Clifton
Tanna C.
19:27 08 Nov 19
I was introduced by a close friend. I bought the cbd stick. I was having problems with pain in my lower back and neck. Once I rubbed the product onto my problem areas, with in 15 minutes you could feel it working. My back felt good and no pain in my neck. I would recommend this product to all my friends and family.
Monique Arseneault
Monique A.
16:46 06 Nov 19
Awesome product. Helps me sleep the whole night.
Lyndsey Dueck
Lyndsey D.
05:12 06 Nov 19
I was happy to find a Canadian company that I could order from who had very reasonable prices. Every step, from product research to receiving the products, was seamless. All information I needed was clearly on the website, and I received my order very quickly and have been using it daily and loving it. I will be continuing to order from them regularly!
Levis Gionet
Levis G.
04:59 06 Nov 19
Brittany l
Brittany l
02:29 06 Nov 19
I love this website. I have made a few orders and the products have not taken more than 2 days to arrive. I have contacted them a few times with questions and the replies are always quick. I highly recommend this online company!
00:13 06 Nov 19
Ordered a few times from here and as always the shipping is super fast. My order comes nicely packed unlike other places I’ve had broken bottles. Highly highly recommend
Tanya Crocker
Tanya C.
19:45 05 Nov 19
This company is great! The product is great quality and they have repeatedly taken time to answer any and all questions I have had. Quick delivery to your door!
Senda Ait Ami
Senda Ait A.
18:35 05 Nov 19
Package got here the next day! They also have an awesome variety of brands and products, totally recommend
Ulyths Art
Ulyths A.
02:13 05 Nov 19
Thomas Birtles
Thomas B.
14:14 03 Nov 19
Joy L.
01:09 03 Nov 19
Very fast delivery. Great products.
Danny Z
Danny Z
19:31 02 Nov 19
Ordered some cbd pain relief cream for my joints, delivery was very fast and the product worked instantly! Would definitely reccomend as a go to for all things cbd and thc.
Tyler Dones-Larsen
Tyler D.
04:39 02 Nov 19
15:28 31 Oct 19
Judith Chrétien
Judith C.
04:27 31 Oct 19
Fast shipping, high quality products and very easy to use website !!
Joyce Cosh
Joyce C.
16:03 30 Oct 19
Very happy with the Honest Botanical CBD oil I am using for arthritis pain & insomnia. Very quick delivery & I loved how much info on the product was on the website. VERY helpful.
Rajeev Ruparelia
Rajeev R.
15:48 30 Oct 19
Great site for CBD, extremely fast shipping with great customer service. The site also has good information about dosage recommendations.
Stephanie S
Stephanie S
02:05 30 Oct 19
Excellent customer service, fast delivery and high quality products!
Wayne Deakoff
Wayne D.
23:30 29 Oct 19
Received the product in quick order. Started using it the same day. I wasn’t sure of the proper dosage as the droppers are not graduated, however I got a reply to my email the next with a suggestion on how to determine the dosage. I bet been using it a bit over a week now and although it might be too early to really tell, I have felt a reduction in my back pain. Coincidence ?, maybe but another week or two will tell for sure. Wayne
Willow Karlene
Willow K.
16:21 29 Oct 19
It came so fast and it tastes great!
Sonja Lidal
Sonja L.
16:02 29 Oct 19
Love that they carry THC free CBD oil. VERY hard to find. "Minimal" THC oils will still fail you in a pee test for work. So thankful we found them! We also order CBD oil for our dogs. It seems to help our older dog quite a bit. Shipping is very fast; couple days at most.
Jessica Konkle
Jessica K.
13:50 29 Oct 19
02:01 29 Oct 19
The website is set up nicely. Was looking for topicals, and the selection of products is quite extensive. Fabulous! Product explanations are informative and helpful. Ordering online was straightforward and easy. Order arrived amazingly fast! I was pleasantly surprised. Will order from CBD Oil Canada again.
Don Nanaimo
Don N.
01:11 29 Oct 19
This is the place to get your CBD! Fast delivery, extremely efficient. I would highly recommend these folks
melissa davidson
melissa D.
12:14 28 Oct 19
Very fast service, very clear instructions on how to purchase...seems to be working well for my daughter's anxiety. Think we will only know after a month what the overall effect will be but for now, very happy with our purchase, will order again.
Trish Kwiatkowski
Trish K.
22:46 27 Oct 19
Easy ordering, great selection of products, and fast shipping. I highly recommend this company and will be ordering from them again!
Karey Ingalls
Karey I.
20:37 27 Oct 19
Excellent service and communication from CBD oil Canada! I ordered and received my order in good time. The products are great quality and so far I am pleased with how the products are working for me.
Candice McGrath
Candice M.
17:20 27 Oct 19
great service!! wonderful products! very prompt ordering system
Sherilene Pshyk
Sherilene P.
03:00 27 Oct 19
I was skeptical about their Zero THC CBD oil for a few reasons.. for one.. I tried a few other companies and I found nothing worked...I've been using this oil for a few weeks now and I can tell you that this works! I drive truck for a living and I'm always sore, as well I noticed my anxiety was creeping up on me once again... since using this oil, my back pain has almost diminished and my anxiety is back under control. I will be purchasing more.
Ken Butler
Ken B.
13:31 26 Oct 19
Great products and service is fast.
Holly ann Woods
Holly ann W.
22:46 25 Oct 19
I've ordered twice from their website and both order came faster than anticipated! Honest botanicals has been a life saver. Will be ordering again.
Wanda Jessome
Wanda J.
18:03 25 Oct 19
Ordered this for my Mother who suffers from fibromyalgia and other health issues. So far it has reduced her pain without any negative effects. Great product, fast service. Thank you!
Owen Hortop
Owen H.
14:49 24 Oct 19
Fast shipping with good follow-up from customer service (clear payment instructions and notification when they put it into the mail). Packaging was discreet and well-done. Nice selection of products on the site.
Tom Trick
Tom T.
03:09 24 Oct 19
Very fast shipping. Helped reduce my back pain. I recommend.
John Olson
John O.
02:09 24 Oct 19
Top quality products, will be using CBD Oil Canada for all my products.
Ali Bader
Ali B.
21:28 23 Oct 19
Great service! Very professional and friendly. And most importantly an excellent selection of products. No other website or store in Canada has the variety they have.
Ilona Wultsch
Ilona W.
14:25 23 Oct 19
First I'd like to give 5 stars to the service of the company, including response time, ordering and fast delivery. I have been using The Full Spectrum 1000mg CBD oil for approx. 2 weeks for back & hip pain. And it works...only after 2 weeks I see improvement. I very happy with the product.
Lucille Brouillette
Lucille B.
15:09 22 Oct 19
Je souffre d'arthrose et de fibromyalgie et je trouve beaucoup de soulagement avec la crème Douleur CBD d'Island Therapeutics et CBD Jelly Bomb et y trouve mon compte qualité-prix. J'essaie présentement Le Salve Lion Vert avec succes,
Chelsea M
Chelsea M
18:58 20 Oct 19
Fast shipping, e transfer payments are the easiest. Bought for my dog to help with her arthritis. Process was fast and simple and will reorder.
Megan Van Heest
Megan Van H.
17:15 20 Oct 19
it was easy to order online and they have a good selection of products, and fast delivery.
Caitlin Raynor
Caitlin R.
14:48 20 Oct 19
Very pleased with my online shopping experience. Comprehensive website, quick communication regarding payment, and parcel was posted within 24hrs of my payment being made. Thank you!
Seoyoung Kim
Seoyoung K.
22:11 19 Oct 19
Very good!!! I ordered 500ml and body will be relaxed.
Becki Crawford
Becki C.
18:16 19 Oct 19
My order was processed very quickly, arrived quickly. The products I ordered work very well for my pain. 100% reccomend CBD OIL CANADA
Mark Corney
Mark C.
08:36 19 Oct 19
We love their Vape Oil
Mark Yukelis
Mark Y.
23:00 18 Oct 19
Great service and product. Bought this for my wife helps with her nausea and sleeping during some pretty intense chemo!
18:43 18 Oct 19
Great products. Good prices. Fast processing and shipping times.
Nino Dagher
Nino D.
17:21 18 Oct 19
Great selection of products, competitive prices, fast shipping, easy checkout. Will be ordering from them again.
Certitude Enterprises
Certitude E.
03:41 17 Oct 19
Website easy to navigate, fast shipping and was well packaged. Therefore they get the 5 stars. CBD Oil (full sectrum) was as advertised. Took approx 3 days to improve my wife's sleep quality (length of sleep), however her back was seizing from sleeping too long. Good product and tasteless. We will move to a topical cream type of product to give my wife more relief and sleep, hopefully without her back seizing. Note: the seizing of her back was not due to the oil, it was due to how long she slept and 4 hours is a lifetime for her.Glenn T.
jeanneau long
jeanneau L.
03:00 16 Oct 19
Great product! I pass D&A test and all good. It give me good rest and sleep.
Rik Katerberg
Rik K.
22:21 15 Oct 19
I received excellent products at reasonable prices. Delivery was quick.
Karen Sandhu
Karen S.
18:20 15 Oct 19
Ordered online and product was received promptly and exactly as expected.
Jung Eun Choi
Jung Eun C.
21:47 14 Oct 19
I. Bought for my mom. The oil's mild and goodThey delivered so quick.
David Lee
David L.
21:15 14 Oct 19
CBD oil with minimum thc is a great addition to your health prevention routine. It helped me to remove arthritus pain, lower blood pressure, and give me a great nights sleep. There are so many health benefits and more to be proven by future scientific studies that ongoing.
Mouhammad Dhahir
Mouhammad D.
18:30 14 Oct 19
It is one of the best products of CBD I have had so far. Very effective and easily purchased and shipped. I look forward to buying more of it.
Rick Lapointe
Rick L.
18:52 13 Oct 19
Hi, I have problems sleeping and my brother suffers from chronic pain due to disks issues in his back. We ordered a bottle each of the lowest dose and We are both extremely happy with the product.
Janice Obrovac
Janice O.
18:16 13 Oct 19
The variety of products available is great and the order system is pretty easy...only wish they did credit card payments
Isabelle Dion
Isabelle D.
22:29 12 Oct 19
Je souffre d'une Ernie cervicale depuis un certain temps ce qui m'empêche d'avoir de bonnes nuits de sommeil ....j'ai commencé a prendre l huile de CBD 500mg sans THC quotidiennement et depuis la douleur s'est atténuée et je dors beaucoup mieux.... Je me sent plus détendu car moins de tentions et du fait de mieux dormir mon quotidien et mes journées se passent tellement mieux.. le site internet est très professionnel, très bien expliqué et la livraison est très rapide. Je recommande ce produit quasi miracle lollll.
K Epp
K E.
20:00 12 Oct 19
I wasn’t sure if CBD Oil was the magic potion that many websites and users of cannabis had said. What I can say, as someone with both Crohnes and arthritis is WOW! After two weeks of using CBD Oil I’m sleeping 6 plus hours a night and I feel better than I have in several years. CBD Oil Canada was a big part of this journey. Their advice and service has made this feel like a health care experience where a company gave a #### about a customer.
Guy Prézeau
Guy P.
17:12 12 Oct 19
Very good quality oil, CDB or THC.
Winston Campbell
Winston C.
16:55 12 Oct 19
Nichole Quilty
Nichole Q.
20:34 11 Oct 19
Not going to lie. I was very skeptical about this working. My dr was taking me off my anxiety meds cause they were no longer working, I was getting electric snap like feelings from coming off them. I bought this and immediately after my first try all side effects of coming off my meds were gone and my anxiety has never been better! I highly recommend this!
Laura Barker
Laura B.
19:25 11 Oct 19
I am currently LOVING this product! "Feel CBD" I have felt my anxiety lower, I also track my sleep and I seem to be sleeping better! The company has been great too! QUICK and easy service. Could not recommend more!
Sierra Hewson
Sierra H.
23:10 10 Oct 19
Quick delivery & product arrived as described. Will be ordering from here from now on! Nice variety to choose from and very user friendly site.
Bryan Wyszomirski
Bryan W.
18:22 10 Oct 19
Service was excellent, no issues, first time user so am still adjusting the dosages and figuring out how much I need
Carmen M-C Carmen M-C
Carmen M-C Carmen M.
17:52 09 Oct 19
ordering is easy, shipping is fast and the oil is helping our dog with his seizuresWe tried the CBD Bully Bites and both guys loved them We count on the oil to keep Joe healthy
bella loydie
bella L.
15:09 09 Oct 19
Very good products. We love it!!
Gordon Langballe
Gordon L.
01:53 09 Oct 19
CBD Oil Canada is exactly what they represent themselves to be. No false claims. Answers and delivery on the spot. Products that meet their claims and prices that are good for Canada.
Jozée Trempe
Jozée T.
17:18 08 Oct 19
Great company fast shipping very good CBD product for dog.
Monique Wilson
Monique W.
03:08 08 Oct 19
Super fast response! One day, and the CBD is on it's way. Will add more as I experience the product.
Andrea Mitchell
Andrea M.
19:45 07 Oct 19
Great service. Quick delivery. Mom says it's helped her depression, anxiety and pain! Amazing.
Diana Madeira Silva
Diana Madeira S.
17:42 07 Oct 19
Yan Frenkel
Yan F.
14:17 07 Oct 19
Megan Robinson
Megan R.
02:23 07 Oct 19
Great products! Quick delivery, will be ordering again
02:14 07 Oct 19
Orders arrived within the timeframe they said and customer service is timely as well. I recommend this company for CBD needs.
Marissa Roney
Marissa R.
01:25 07 Oct 19
Fast shipping and great products! Highly recommend.
Jennifer Gelvosa
Jennifer G.
00:51 07 Oct 19
After reading on the benefits of CBD oil, I decided to look into ordering a bottle for my dog to help him with night time anxiety. A quick Google search lead me to CBD Oil Canada - The website is easy to navigate, and they have a great selection for both pets and humans, with reasonable prices. I decided to go with Neutraceutical CBD Oil for Pets and so far it’s helped! My dog hasn’t been pacing around as much, and he also doesn’t seem to mind the taste of it. Shipping was also pretty fast; ordered on Monday and delivered on Thursday. I’ll definitely be recommending this site to my friends and family.
Jo Dawe
Jo D.
23:10 06 Oct 19
My husband and my dog uses this and we absolutely love it. The difference was so quick!
Wyatt Rushton
Wyatt R.
19:32 06 Oct 19
Fast delivery, great product. Highly recommended
Shawna Mullins
Shawna M.
01:55 06 Oct 19
I recommend this product works great when prescribed medication s don't work
Susanne Veen
Susanne V.
01:16 06 Oct 19
Excellent service and communication. I received my order sooner than I thought. Product excellent- exactly as described.
21:19 05 Oct 19
Ok - I've done 2 weeks so far! 🙂 I LoVe LoVe LoVe this product! I'm just getting started with this company and this is my first introduction to CBD Full Spectrum Oil. The customer service at CBD-Oil Canada is INCREDIBLE! The information provided by the representative were professional, friendly and so very helpful. Everything about CBD-Oil Canada has been wonderful, the products, the customer service, easily navigable website, and timely delivery. I will be placing an ordering for the 1000mg. I think that will optimally suited to the strength that I need. So far I am beyond thrilled! I wish I had been able to have access to this product sooner! I am very excited to see how this is relieving my anxiety, helping me feel relaxed and even alleviating my insomnia. Even better is that it can do so without the many negative side effects of anxiety pills, medications or other less-natural supplements for anxiety. This CBD doesn’t get you “high” or cause feelings of intoxication that many frequently associate with cannabis. It also doesn't have the strong sedative or narcotic effects common with the anxiety pills pushed by the pharmaceutical industry.I highly recommend this company and the Honest Full Spectrum CBD oil! :-)Thank you and Best wishes.
Susan Ashton
Susan A.
16:57 05 Oct 19
I ordered honest CBD oil hoping it would help manage pain from arthritis. It is working! I take about a third of a dropper under the tongue. Super easy to take and completely tasteless. Product was shipped super quick. I’ll be ordering more!
Claire Barnard
Claire B.
15:55 05 Oct 19
After experiencing stomach pain for 3 months with no relief from prescribed medications, I decided to give CBD oil a try. I can honestly say it has changed my life and my stomach issues have pretty much been cured.
Briand Gaudet
Briand G.
16:35 04 Oct 19
High quality as promised, prompt service
Rob Brenton
Rob B.
03:32 04 Oct 19
Great prices and great products. I have been buying may types of products from CBD Oil Canada, and it never lets me down. Fast shipping. They don't mess up the orders. I really like the great prices.
Stephanie McNeill
Stephanie M.
16:22 03 Oct 19
Great selection of products. Quick delivery. Good quality products.
Kai LaCouveé
Kai L.
16:04 03 Oct 19
I am pretty happy with the product its a nice stress reliever and it helps with my sleeping. Just a couple puffs before bed and its good to go.One of the issues for me is that the oil seems to crystallize which in turn is a good thing and shows the purity, however the methods that are suggested to turn it back into oil are slim. At first it did work for me with just hot water and a cartridge in a bag, now it wont go back to the oil form which is really frustrating because the pen can not really vaporize it and it ends up half full of crystallized CBD that cant be smoked. When it is crystallized it also hits a lot harder and can burn the throat and chest a decent amount.Other than that the product is good, really quick shipping and it was clearly handled with care.Its worth the investment but I would look to get something that can heat the oil or get a better method than mine.
20:37 02 Oct 19
Very fast shipping, its been working great for my stress!
Joanne G-R
Joanne G.
18:40 02 Oct 19
New to it! Still learning. Tried the 250 cbd no thc then a gummy 80mg (are entire thing then felt it no high. Just felt no anxiety and less pain) so ordered a higher one as I went through the 250 quickly to get benefits - great website- great and fast shipping. Answered all my questions / worries. Very happy @imbackitsjojo ModelJoJo™️Joanne RI’d rather this than medications. I’ll keep experimenting and keep writing in my journal. Strongly recommend you write down when and dosage used how you felt each 30mins. I get severe panic attacks, I have ptsd, had a tumour, and a broken neck where lost daughter - they filled me with meds that my brain is now addicted to and they have to keep increasing. Lately I have NOT been taking the medication as much at all. HIgHly RECOMMEND!!! 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️❤️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️
Brent Moore
Brent M.
18:24 02 Oct 19
I bought the Sleep Drops and Revive Drops. I take the sleep drops as I am getting ready for bed and my sleep has never been better. I actually wake up rested now. I take the Revive drops when I wake and my energy is great with no crash. Definitely will order both again!
Shaun Lavallee
Shaun L.
17:56 02 Oct 19
Quality product and super service and shipping!!
Caitlin McCullough
Caitlin M.
17:22 02 Oct 19
Payment and shipping was easy and very fast. The product so far has been enjoyed by my dog and I’m sure it’s making a big difference in his anxiety and arthritis! Would definitely purchase again!
Pam Mccoy
Pam M.
03:06 02 Oct 19
Order received quickly and the product is good. I will continue with this company. 🙂
Isabelle Perreault
Isabelle P.
22:25 29 Sep 19
This company is 100% reliable, they deliver fast, safely and efficiently. Customer service is great. Their products are high quality and diverse. We are highly satisfied and recommend it to people who need reliable medicinal products.
Mary-Anna Lawrence
Mary-Anna L.
20:38 28 Sep 19
Got instant relief
Stephen Wilkinson
Stephen W.
17:18 28 Sep 19
Right from the first use, the CBD oil was effective in reducing pain due to post operative nerve damage and a subsequent issue with a strained knee. We will be repeat purchasers.
Nick Jones
Nick J.
11:51 27 Sep 19
Good first time buyer experience with CBD Oil Canada. Well designed easy to use website. Friendly / helpful staff. Good range of products (well described on the website). And good product (the CBD Oil) is really helping with my insomnia.
peter Russell
peter R.
14:51 26 Sep 19
Melissa Tiano
Melissa T.
01:22 26 Sep 19
Leanda Ianniello
Leanda I.
21:25 25 Sep 19
Fast delivery
Gerhard Berger
Gerhard B.
23:24 24 Sep 19
very reliable and professional. Great product. It's so easy to deal with CBD pills when you are in pain. No side effects.
Stephanie Blair
Stephanie B.
19:11 24 Sep 19
Awesome service and wide variety of products available. Very quick shipping
16:37 24 Sep 19
Purchased the Honest 500 mg cbd oil for my chocolate lab. Has worked well. Really has calmed this senior dog. We are both enjoying his more relaxed state.
Sebastien Lavergne
Sebastien L.
02:34 24 Sep 19
Reliable and very fast!!! Customer services are great and always respond back to my emails. I will buy again from this company!!
K Coshof
K C.
21:27 23 Sep 19
Very good selection and pricing, and excellent delivery speed.
Jessica Chan
Jessica C.
11:58 23 Sep 19
Edward Young
Edward Y.
04:14 23 Sep 19
The product works well to help sleep.
Luca Di Carlo
Luca Di C.
19:10 22 Sep 19
Package came in 3 business days! Great products available. Finally found a 2000mg cbd oil for a fair price
Joe Cap
Joe C.
16:31 22 Sep 19
Awesome company. Great product. Very quick response
Vishen Chetty
Vishen C.
01:21 21 Sep 19
Delivery was fast. Honest CBD Oil helped with my arthritis and sleep. Would recommend to others!
Lydia Wong
Lydia W.
00:56 20 Sep 19
Excited to try out Honest Botanicals Pet CBD oil for my dog with severe separation anxiety!
Joe C
Joe C
18:35 19 Sep 19
Amazing customer service fast delivery and great products. This will be the only place i buy my stuff from.
penny tardi
penny T.
14:51 19 Sep 19
I am extremely pleased with the customer service experience. I had a couple things happen (at my end) and they were more than happy to make the changes for me. Shipping was fast and the products good.
Lily Drader
Lily D.
02:54 19 Sep 19
Super fast shipping and communication was clear the whole process. Product was exactly as expected and use is great. Will be ordering again!
Alexis Horner-Borsu
Alexis H.
01:49 19 Sep 19
Recently ordered the cara-melts and cbd oil from them and it arrived a lot faster than expected. They both really help me sleep and help me manage my school related stress which is what I bought it for. Super happy with the products!!
Marek Libelt
Marek L.
01:37 19 Sep 19
Excellent communication and fast delivery! Completely satisfied and will be a return customer
Matthew Short
Matthew S.
04:54 18 Sep 19
Gui Trento
Gui T.
01:08 18 Sep 19
Francois Corbeil
Francois C.
23:59 17 Sep 19
Great CBD oil with No THC and fast shipping. Also, very good customer support. Replied rapidly to my question about product.
David Gagnon
David G.
19:15 17 Sep 19
Chris Thompson
Chris T.
18:49 17 Sep 19
Everything arrived in a timely fashion. Well packaged and high quality!Thank you
roy kolodziejski
roy K.
17:30 17 Sep 19
Amazing customer service, good products, and quick delivery. Would recommend 10/10
Rhea Idema
Rhea I.
16:35 17 Sep 19
Easy order and fast delivery. Good quality product. I use it for my Arthritis and it has helped with the inflammation. I will use them again.
Melanie Bedard
Melanie B.
07:31 17 Sep 19
I find that their products is good quality. I have 4 stars instead of 5 because I find their prices for shipping is outrageous. It says express shipping but mine took 3 full business days to arrive from Victoria to Vancouver. Overall I would recommend them and will order from them again
John M Rodgers
John M R.
18:43 16 Sep 19
good product. quick service. Recommend!
13:19 16 Sep 19
I was impressed twice by the company's quick consultation and fast delivery. I will continue to use it.
Denise Rochette
Denise R.
19:13 15 Sep 19
C'est good service. Prompt reply to my inquiry. Delivered as promised. Very satisfied and my PET is doing great. He is 17, and had a lot of problems with is legs. HE IS NOW GETTING UP EASILY AND HE IS RUNNING A LITTLE BIT.
Mike Fleming
Mike F.
19:00 15 Sep 19
Great product and user-friendly website. Quick shipping.
Corey Dowie
Corey D.
01:39 15 Sep 19
It was easy and fast to order. I was looking for something to help me sleep while getting my cancer treatment.The website had lots of information for choosing what I needed and shipping was fast and VERY well packaged. I will use them again.
S Coleman
S C.
20:20 14 Sep 19
After doing some research online I came across CBD Oil Canada website and found exactly what I was looking for. I ordered the CBD only oil and received it promptly. The product has been amazing and the instructions on dosage very helpful. I downloaded the app for the store and now can easily order what I need.
Krista Saunders
Krista S.
03:10 14 Sep 19
Love the selection, great prices and fast shipping!
Preston Balderson
Preston B.
01:37 14 Sep 19
Super easy to order Very fast payment Order was delivered very fast right to my mailbox..So far great cbd oilWill order more again forsure!!!!!
Robert Cahill
Robert C.
20:59 13 Sep 19
Great business to work with. Answers any questions very quickly and every order I received has been on time. You can depend on CBD Oil Canada
Celeste Rocha
Celeste R.
20:15 13 Sep 19
Erin Matheson
Erin M.
05:26 13 Sep 19
I've submitted a couple orders through CBD Oil Canada and I'm really impressed.Payment can seem a bit odd at first - you will have to pay via Interac E-Transfer, but payment was accepted right away and they sent me confirmation that my order was complete almost instantly. My orders have been shipped out within 1-2 days.The CBD oils I have tried thus far are fantastic. There was also one product I was interested in that was initially out of stock, and I was surprised when they restocked it within a couple of weeks - these guys are really on top of their inventory. Overall a really great shopping experience with this site - will definitely be ordering again.
Gloria Karol
Gloria K.
04:42 13 Sep 19
The product is amazing & delivery in 3 days! Excellency! 😁
Tim Bartrum
Tim B.
02:50 11 Sep 19
Great service !! Always quick delivery. Products are as advertised.
Michael Viloria
Michael V.
23:35 10 Sep 19
I love how easy and fast it was to order. The package came to me on time. Cbd is a lifesaver. My joint pain and insomnia are pretty much gone!
Cheryl Kinkaid
Cheryl K.
19:03 10 Sep 19
Great service. Has products if all types and explains the different ingredients so you know what will be best for you. Fast shipping.
Lee Ross
Lee R.
10:16 10 Sep 19
Excellent products and customer service. Truly a pleasure to deal with. Fast, efficient and friendly. Cheers! Having ordered multiple products and orders I've never been disappointed... Cheers ! - edit- I've been ordering products now for about 2 months and every time my orders were shipped the same day and take 2 days to ON. Not only reliable but everything I've ordered is authentic which is essential.
brittany shuster
brittany S.
04:37 09 Sep 19
I love this website. I have made a few orders and the products have not taken more than 2 days to arrive. I have contacted them a few times with questions and the replies are always quick. I highly recommend this online company!
Simon Lampron
Simon L.
22:27 08 Sep 19
Easy site to navigate with a great selection of products. Fast delivery. Highly recommended. 👍
Kristy Hayden
Kristy H.
12:53 08 Sep 19
jpablo rdgz
jpablo R.
00:49 08 Sep 19
I bought the full spectrum one morning and it arrived the next day. It has been 10 days of using 1 full dropper every day and so far so good. To be honest I don't FEEL anything, but I noticed that I stopped overthinking my decisions. Whatever I have to do, I just do it.I still have some anxiety, I don't know if that is because I'm a coffee drinker and I need a cup every morning. Any comments about mixing coffee and cbd are much appreciated.
Delaney Ryan
Delaney R.
19:22 07 Sep 19
I ordered the 250mg cbd 'no thc' oil, as it was my first time ordering cbd. It came pretty quickly in nice packaging. The oil is smooth and doesn't really have a taste. I slept well, and felt pretty calm after taking it, however I think the next time I order I will need to get a higher dose!
Lindsey Drury
Lindsey D.
16:34 07 Sep 19
Ordered CBD oil and it was delivered ridiculously fast. The product itself is exactly what I had expected - it helps with anxiety. Will be ordering again.
Jonathan Caragay-Cook
Jonathan C.
07:15 05 Sep 19
Paying by e-transfer was well explained, making the whole transaction easy. The processing and shipment happened in a few business days. I ordered THC and CBD gummies, which have been hit or miss. The THC ones are very light (used to smoke a lot but not anymore so don’t think this is due to a high tolerance). The CBD gummies I have enjoyed much more and found them to help with my anxiety. Overall Id I shop again and try out their different products.
Carolyne Nellis
Carolyne N.
03:45 05 Sep 19
Awesome products, shipping is fast and awesome customer service. Definitely recommend this place!
Shane H
Shane H
00:01 05 Sep 19
My delivery was quick and accurate, and the product seems to be working well.
Eva Kirszenstein
Eva K.
16:53 04 Sep 19
Love the honest botanicals tincture but I’m in love with the sovrin cbd cartridge, it’s potent and help so much with my anxiety. The flavour is really nice too ( watermelon) and I can’t wait to try other flavours
Tamara Berland
Tamara B.
20:01 03 Sep 19
Thank you CBD Oil Canada for your quality products, and super fast shipping. I will be ordering from you again very soon.
Alayna Moxness
Alayna M.
13:00 03 Sep 19
The product came quickly and was exactly what I was looking for. Would like them to start using paypal 😊
Alyssa Cunningham
Alyssa C.
03:17 03 Sep 19
22:21 02 Sep 19
Honest Botanicals CBD oil is high quality ! I have been using everyday for over a month and I am very happy with the impact on my well being!
Debbi McNab
Debbi M.
16:51 02 Sep 19
I have ordered a couple of times from here. Ordering was very simple and delivery was quick once payment had been received. They have such a wide range of products that I’m still trying out new things and finding what works best for me. They have an info email if you ever have any questions. All in all I’ve had very positive experiences ordering from here.
Joanne Fehr-Fast
Joanne F.
12:55 28 Aug 19
Great experience dealing with CBD oil Canada. Very quick delivery, and product is exactly as described. I purchased the CBD oil 500mg for arthritis pain in my hand. Pain subsides when i use it under my tongue. I also rub some on my hand as well. This seems to be working for me. Next time, i will purchase the 1000 mg or greater for hopefully linger lasting results. I also appreciate the fact that they post their lab results online. This shows they are what they claim to be. Thanks 😊
Setareh IR
Setareh I.
17:49 27 Aug 19
I got my first CBD oil fromThem, I got the Full spectrum oil CBD tincture 500mg ✨ it's only been a few days that I'm taking it and I'm super satisfied with the results! It's helping me clearing my mind and allowing me to be present more, my meditations have become somehow deeper and I'm able to think clearly! And the delivery was fast too 😇🌿
Grace Cole
Grace C.
15:44 27 Aug 19
Lots of selection, and the product I received was amazing - exactly what I was expecting and it was delivered quickly.
Amy Switzer
Amy S.
09:11 26 Aug 19
I had a great experience with CBD Oil Canada. I received the product I ordered even faster than I was expecting and I’m very happy with how it’s helping my son who has epilepsy. I will definitely be ordering from CDD Oil Canada again.
Suzanne Bowers
Suzanne B.
15:42 24 Aug 19
So happy to have found a reliable, quality source! Great service and product.
Wendy Sikorra
Wendy S.
05:17 20 Aug 19
I was recommended to try the CBD oil for pain and anxiety. I thought it would be worth a try because of the pain my arthritis causes. I ordered the roll on and the gummy bears. Much to my amazement I noticed a big difference. I was so happy. It really is worth a try. If you have never used it before you will he surprised as to how it helps> Their service is great and their products are shipped quickly. The gummy bears have different tastes but all are good. The roll on works really well for my hands.
Ken Pringle
Ken P.
23:36 18 Aug 19
I placed my order on August 5th 2019. I recieved my order on the 9th of August 2019. It is Full Spectrum 500 mg CBD oil. I am noticing some pain relief, and sleeping well. It has only been 9 days so far. I am pleased.
Arvin Khamseh II
Arvin Khamseh I.
20:52 16 Aug 19
This is their after asking for a refund on a product I've never received. You'll be the judge."It is the responsibility of you, the buyer, to enter your full and complete address correctly. Only you know where you live! To assume that every online business has a software built into their website that will catch address errors is on you, not us. We are very clear about our policy regarding incorrect addresses in our FAQ section. Regardless, we will not be offering you a refund at this time. If the package is returned to us, we will happily give you your money back minus the processing fee, and if Canada Post catches the postal code error and the package makes it to your house, then we thank you for trying us out and wish you luck in your search for a more suitable supplier for your CBD needs."
Paul D'Abruzzo
Paul D.
21:47 13 Aug 19
Quick to answer specific questions about products I had, easy purchasing and fast shipping. Great quality of product so far. Will definitely buy again
Megan Hallman
Megan H.
20:26 13 Aug 19
I ordered two bottles of Honest Botanicals CBD Oil in 1000 mg, one for myself and one for my mother in law. I had been dealing with some postpartum anxiety and she was having trouble sleeping, after only a few days we both felt a huge difference! I am impressed and will be ordering from CBD Oil Canada again in the future. 🙂
Dawn Wilson Graham
Dawn Wilson G.
22:59 12 Aug 19
Best website ever if your interested in CBD. Lots of great products to choose from!!
Mora Rozum
Mora R.
04:05 11 Aug 19
fantastic shop I had a issue with my payment and they talked me trough it . I got my product super quick and it works great . I cant wait to bey more . totally recommend
Vicky Devillez
Vicky D.
18:23 10 Aug 19
I was hesitant to try CBD oil but a recent bout with sciatica pain made me decide to give it a try. I purchased the Honest Zero THC 500 mg CBD oil. I have been using it 2 x a day for 10 days and am very happy with the results. While i occasionally have some pain most has disappeared. The best part is hat I no longer am kept awake all night with pain from my hip to my ankle. The CBD oil has also reduced my usual aches and pains from arthritis. I find it also makes me feel calm and am less stressed since starting on the oil. I will definitely be ordering again.
Patrick Russell
Patrick R.
13:30 08 Aug 19
Wife and I ordered from CBD Oil Canada; fast shipping; ordered on a Friday-- received on a Monday. E-transfer was straight forward, all easy to understand. Communication was solid. Will be repeat customer, and will refer others to this site.
Maya de Leon
Maya de L.
02:48 08 Aug 19
tried honest botanicals CBD/no THC. relieved all of my pains, I'm sleeping much better and much calmer!
Aidin Gh
Aidin G.
01:08 08 Aug 19
Service was great and fast. I bought some CBD pills (20mg - Mary's Medibles) for my mother to help her with her Arthritis and so far it reduced the pain a bit and helps her with her sleep and appetite. Will be ordering more.
Denise Rafuse
Denise R.
17:55 07 Aug 19
Prompt service. Quality products.
Ian McDonald
Ian M.
15:11 07 Aug 19
EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE!Products arrived within a day of payment.Easy to navigate website & ordering.Top Quality Products! I typically suffer from BAD tension headaches due to really high anxiety. Since using 1000mg Honest Botanical Co CBD Tincture & their Honest Botanicals Co 4:1 THC:CBD Tangerine Flavour Tincture my anxiety has significantly decreased & have enjoyed a full week now without a single tension headache!! Prices I found to be on par with previous companies I used to (and will no longer after discovering this company) order from!
Gerry Roeder
Gerry R.
19:30 05 Aug 19
Great place to purchase your CBD Products at reasonable pricing.
Despina Dessilas
Despina D.
18:53 05 Aug 19
Using it for my dog with good results Ordering is a breeze.
Karen F King
Karen F K.
17:00 04 Aug 19
They have superior products and I love how fast you receive your orders. It was the first time in years that I was able to sleep most of the night and with minimal pain, I can't wait to see how I feel after a few weeks. I also think the selection is awesome.
Keith Bennett
Keith B.
01:09 03 Aug 19
this is my first order,but prices seem reasonable
Trevor Gregg
Trevor G.
00:58 03 Aug 19
CBD Oil Canada is a great company to deal with. I'm very pleased with the product. Just as important is Customer Service. Jen in Customer Service goes above and beyond and does everything in her power to help you. I had issues with Express Post (that's why 4 stars), but in all fairness they can't control Canada Post. My problem was solved and I am a returning customer.
Lindsey Jespersen Smith
Lindsey Jespersen S.
15:17 02 Aug 19
First time ordering from CBD Oil Canada and had a very positive experience. Product arrived quickly, got high quality CBD oil that stopped my sons night terrors completely, and great customer service
Larah Christine
Larah C.
13:16 31 Jul 19
Always had a great experience ordering from this website, love all the products I’ve ordered. The customer service is great and responds quick!
Tobias Leung
Tobias L.
01:58 31 Jul 19
Easy ordering, express came within 2 days which wasnt bad given im located in Toronto and they are in BC. Very happy with my order! HONEST CBD AND ISLAND THERAPEUTICS. and of course the edibles 🙂