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Benefits of CBD Pills

Taking Cannabidiol in a capsule form is one of the most convenient methods of consumption considering there is no mess or taste that comes with it (for those that do not enjoy the taste of CBD oil). The exact dosage in each pill ensures greater consistency than other forms of consumption. While the effects are dependent on several factors, it is recommended to start with a low dosage (10 or 20mg) and slowly work up until you find the ideal amount for you.

CBD Capsules Canada

CBD Capsule Dosages

CBD Oil Canada carries 10mg, 20mg, 25mg, and 50mg CBD capsule options. Read more below to find the right CBD amount for you.

10mg CBD Capsules

From Baked Edibles, our 10 mg doses come in a bottle of 20 CBD pills and retails at $54. At 10mg of cannabidiol per capsule, this is meant for someone with a low tolerance, and is not the best option for severe pain..

20mg CBD Capsules

We have 5 options of 20 mg CBD pills from Mary’s Medibles, Miss Envy, & Baked Edibles. Bottles contain anywhere from 10 to 30 capsules and range from $30 to $85. Choose from several different options, from a 20:1 CBD:THC ratio to THC-free caps.

25mg CBD Capsules

Made from 100% Canadian grown hemp, Tetra Technologies comes with 10 pills per bottle for $35. This is a THC-free, pure CBD option.

50mg CBD Capsules

Another product from Tetra Technologies, the 50 mg CBD pills are $60 for 10. This is the best option for a long-time CBD user or someone with mild to severe pain.